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chapter 43 book

exam 7 alterations

A nurse on a medical–surgical nursing unit is caring for four different patients. Which of the following patients in the nurse’s assignment is at greatest risk for developing a stroke? A 53-year-old African-American woman admitted with hypertension
The nurse is caring for a patient admitted who has experienced a motor vehicle accident (MVA). Which of the following symptoms would be consistent with a diagnosis of cervical injury? Paralysis or weakness of extremities, a pulse rate of 45 beats per minute, and nasal flaring
Which of the following statements by the new nurse indicates a good understanding of communication disorders? Dysarthria is any disturbance in muscular control of speech.
The patient exhibits rapid and worsening symptoms, beginning with a headache and vomiting and rapidly progressing to seizures, hemiplegia, and loss of consciousness. Which of the following interventions is most important for this patient? Suction as necessary.
The health care provider ordered dietary intake re-instituted for a patient who has recently suffered a stroke. What are the responsibilities of the nurse regarding the feeding process for the patient? Assess the patient’s gag and swallow reflex during the feeding.
After experiencing a brief episode of numbness in the facial region and left side of the body that subsided within 30 minutes, a patient reports to the Emergency Department at the insistence of family members.what should RN do Determination of the specific characteristics of the episode
"I am scared about having diabetes. My grandmother was also a diabetic, and she died after having a stroke. Is this going to happen to me?” What information should be included in the patient teaching? “The risk of diabetes will increase your risk of experiencing a stroke.” “The better your blood glucose is controlled, the lower the risk of having a stroke.” “Diabetes causes damage to the vascular walls.”
Created by: bkgrota