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chapter 42 book

exam 7 alterations

Which of the following suggestions would be appropriate for this patient to follow in an attempt to decrease the incidence of migraines? Wake up at the same time each morning. Exercise at least three times per week. Reduce or eliminate red wine, cheese, alcohol, chocolate, and caffeine. No smoking or caffeine after 3 p.m.
A patient is hospitalized for the management of a recently diagnosed seizure disorder. While ambulating with assistance, the patient suddenly stops and reports having a strange taste in his mouth, accompanied by a flashing light in his field of vision. Escort the patient to a safe, secure location.
complaints of an extremely severe, unilateral, burning pain located behind the eyes. what could this be? Cluster headache
The nurse is teaching a seminar on central nervous system infections to a group of local college students. Which of the following topics should be discussed during the information session? Vaccinations for meningococcal meningitis are recommended for military recruits and college students
After being diagnosed with migraine headaches, a patient has requested additional information about the disorder. Which of the following should be included in the teaching session? The headache might be preceded by an individualized aura consisting of neurological manifestations. Medical treatment is most effective if given at the first onset of symptoms. Potential triggers include hormone and glucose levels.
When providing education for a patient who has recently been diagnosed with a seizure disorder, which of the following statements by the patient indicates the need for further education? "I will never be able to have a driver's license." "If the side effects from my medications are unpleasant, I will need to discontinue their use."
During a sporting event, a patient is struck in the head. After a thorough assessment, the nurse should instruct the patient and family members to perform which of the following? Awaken patient every 2 hours for the next 24 hours.
After experiencing a recent onset of 3-5 headaches per day, a patient seeks treatment. The patient is tearful, and anxiously asks, "What have I done to start experiencing migraine headaches?" "The symptoms you are reporting can be associated with another type of headache."
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