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alzheimers (AD)

exam 7 alterations

Stage 1 AD no cognitive impairment
Stage 2 AD very mild decline (memory lapses, forgetting names, keys)
Stage 3 AD mild cognitive decline (trouble finding words, names, decreased ability to plan, losing or misplacing valuables and having social or work performance issues)
Stage 4 AD moderate cognitive decline (deficiencies in knowledge of recent events, mental math, reduced personal mental history, person often appears subdued and withdrawn)
Stage 5 AD moderately severe cognitive decline (major defects in memory, assistance with ADL’s, inability to recall phone numbers and addresses, confusion of orientation)
Stage 6 AD severe cognitive decline (emergence of personality changes, extensive help with ADL’s, trouble recalling most recent personal history, forget names of family but recognize faces, disruption in sleep/waking schedule, tend to wander and get lost)
Stage 7 AD very severe cognitive decline (final stage, patient loses the ability to care for themselves, and the ability to respond to environment)
What is the cure for AD No cure for Alzheimer’s disease, care is focused on providing the least restrictive environment in which the patient can function.
What meds are used to improve memory in AD patients Aricept, Exelon, Cognex
What medication is used to delay more severe AD manifestations Namenda
what is the RN role in AD promote staying active, mentally, physically and socially. Other recommendations hold true as well, eat a healthy diet, control cardiovascular and diabetes risk factors and avoid head injuries
Created by: bkgrota