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last minute cardio

pericardial friction rub high pitched, scratch, scraping sound, increases on exhalation and when patient leans forward, 3 components - ventricular and atrial systole, ventricular diastole
patient with chronic renal failure has chest pain and scratchy 3 component sound pericardial friction rub
causes of fibrinous pericarditis post MI, uremia, radiation
serous pericarditis rheumatic fever, SLE, uremia, viral infection
constrictive pericarditi diastolic dysfunction, mimics right heart failure, causes include TB and staph, or malignancy
child has a diffuse, raised hot red area of inflammation extending around periorital tissue leading to swelling celullitis due to group A strep, since hyaluronidase is produced
produces coagulase, which changes fibrinogen -> fibin and leads to abscess with drainage through a sinus Staph aureus
C3a and C5a activate these cells mast cells
thiamine deficiency ophthalmoplegia, confusion, ataxia
hyperpigmentation in sun exposed areas pellagra
peripheral neuropathy B6 deficiency
niacin deficiency in? person whose diet consists of corn
b12 deficiency in? pure vegan, taking nicotinic acid to lower lipids
fortified goat milk leads to? folate and pyridoxine deficiency
a cofactor deficiecny in collagenase zinc
cofactor deficiency in lysyl oxidase copper
cofactor for pyruvate to acetyl coA using PDH; deficiecny leads to ataxia, nystagmus, ophthalmoplegia, confusion thiamine
sensorineural hearing loss, blindness, periventricular calcifications in neonate CMV neonate
enlarged testicles that do not transilluminate, high arched palate, mid systolic ejection click followed by a murmur, MR fragile X CGG
pregnant women with fever, maculopapular rash, arthritis, and painful postauricular lymphadenopathy she has rubella
rubella symptoms in baby contracted from mother sensorineural hearing loss, cataracts, PDA
saddle nose deformity congenital syphilis
limb hypoplasia thalidomide
craniofacial abnormalities isotreitnoin acid for acne
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