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NURS 572 Pharm Ch 75

Pharm Ch 75 Asthma drug drill

we only use a spacer on this type of delivery only with MDI medtered dose inhalers
2 classes that are preventative bwo anti-inflammation MOA glucocorticosteroids----non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
What class of drugs is effetive for both anti-inflammation (prevention) and acute attacks Beta-2 agonists
what class is most effective for prevention glucocorticosteroids - but not for acute
which class is safest, also where we generally start kids non-steroidal anti-inflamms
what class is less effective than, but also used in conjunction with B-2 agonists for difficult to control patients anticholinergics - they block normal bronchoCON resulting in bronchDIL
name 4 inhaled 'sone steroidals beclomethasone --- flucticasone ---mometesone ---triamcinalone
beclomethasone inhaled 'sone steroid anti-inflamm most effective prevention class
fluticasone inhaled 'sone steroid anti-inflamm most effective prevention class
mometasone inhaled 'sone steroid anti-inflamm most effective prevention class
triamcinolone inhaled 'sone steroid anti-inflamm most effective prevention class
name 3 inhaled 'ide steroids budenoside --- ciclenoside --- flunisolide
budenoside inhaled 'ide steroid anti-inflamm most effective prevention class
ciclenoside inhaled 'ide steroid anti-inflamm most effective prevention class
flunisolide inhaled 'ide steroid anti-inflamm most effective prevention class
name 4 oral/systemic steroids-antiinflamm prednisone --- prednisolone---methylpredisolone---dexamethasone
of the 4 oral/systemic steroids, which are also IV admin for most acute cases methylprednisolone---dexamethasone
pt education for inhaled steroids must gargle after use and use spacer to increase drug delivery and minimize SEs
name 2 drugs in saftest of all class - NSAIDs for asthma cromolyn---nedocromil
cromolyn class NSAID-asthma-safest-kids
nedocromil class NSAID-asthma-safest-kids
Name 4 beta agonists - used both for prevention and acute - that are inhaled/quick/short albuterol---levalbuterol---bitolterol---pirbuterol
albuterol quick/short inhaled Beta -2 agonist
levalbuterol quick/short inhaled Beta -2 agonist
bitolterol quick/short inhaled Beta -2 agonist
pirbuterol quick/short inhaled Beta -2 agonist
name 3 beta agonists - used for prevention and acute - inhaled/long acting salmeterol---formoterol---alformoterol
salmeterol inhaled/long acting/ Beta-2 agonist
formoterol inhaled/long acting/ Beta-2 agonist
alformoterol inhaled/long acting/ Beta-2 agonist
name 2 rarely used oral B-2 agonists acute/prevention albuterol---terbutaline
albuterol - other admin also oral, rarely used, B-2 agonist
terbutaline oral, rarely lused B-2 agonist
Name 2 anticholinergics usually used for additive effect with B-2 agonist (MDI/nebulizer) ipratropium --- tiotoprium
ipratropium anticholinergic
titoproprium longer-acting anticholinergic
name 1 methylxanthine with very narrow TI theophylline -- also with CNS/CV SEs. rarely used
name 1 leukotriene modifier montelukast
Created by: lorrelaws