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Const. Industry

revision cards for the Construction Industry exam

Kicker Asmall concrete section part of the base slab used as a starting point for a wall to ensure a perfect and solid connection.
Blinding Means protecting a surface before constructing concrete bases.
Starters transfer the stresses from the base reinforcement to the column reinforcement.
Laps Method of lapping one bar over another to transfer stress through concrete from one bar to another
Soffit the underside of a slab for a ceiling.
Construction Joint A joint formed to allow a break in concreting operations.
Kent-ledge Concrete Kent-Ledge blocks are used to act as ballast weights for cantilever towers.
Cover protects the reinforcement with a layer of concrete.
Stop-end Temporary form-work for construction joints.
Shape Code Codes used to identify the shapes of re-inforcement bars.
Spacer Used to provide the correct cover for the reinforcement steel bars used in concrete.
Chair used for supporting concrete reinforcement mats.
C.D.M. Construction Design and Management. This regulations apply to most Common Building projects.
RIDDOR The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases, and Dnagerous Occurences Regulations ( 1995).
Notifiable Projects Construction projects
Hazard this is something with the potential to cause harm.
P.P.E Personal Protective Equipment.
Shell and Auger Site investigation methods used in most materials except rocks. They are used to carry out In- Situ Tests on various soil samples.
S.P.T This test measures the resistance of a soil to the penetration of a split barrel sampler driven into the bottom of a borehole.
U100 Test used for obtaining undisturbed samples in most soils and some weak rocks such as marl and chalk.
Tendering This is the process by which contractors bids are invited, based on the Employers Contract Documents.
Party to Contract Anyone with rights or obligations under the Contract.
Stakeholder Those with an interest and those affected or influenced by the Project.
Replacement Pile Pile with replaces soil with concrete and reinforcement
Displacement Pile Pile which displaces soil as it is driven into the ground.
Well-Point Dewatering This is a process of temporary lowering the ground water in a localized area to accomplish the construction of any below ground project
Differential Settlement This is a slab that does not settle properly due to the compression of the soil beneath the slab.
Risk This is the likelihood of an outcome that deviates from the expected outcome. Risk can be positive or negative outcomes.
Core Sample Undisturbed samples of soils.
Rotary Borehole Used to take core samples in rocks or hard materials.
Trench Sheeting A method of Excavation Support used to support earth banks for the safety of construction workers.
Sheet Piling Steel sheets driven into the ground to provide temporary supports for deep excavations.
Caisson Water tight chamber for working under-water.
Design and Build Strategy A strategy where the Employer employs the Contractor, and the Contractor then employs the Designer and the Sub Contractor.
Standard form of Contract A contract agreement and set of clauses for the conditions of contract, which are filled in and adapted as required for any particular work in hand
Live Load Weight applied to the structure.
Dead Load Weight of the structure itself.
Site Investigation These are the various works undertaken at various stages of the investment process.
Created by: frantost
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