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Skin disorders, burns, cancer

Athlete's Foot Fungus.
Boils Inflammation of hair follicles.
Cold Sores Viral - remains dormant in cutaneous nerve.
Decubitus Ulcer Bed sores - caused by restricted blood supply to the area.
Dermatitis Exposure to chemicals that provokes allergic response.
Impetigo Bacterial infection (staph).
Psoriasis Reddened dry scales on skin - hereditary.
First-Degree Burn Only epidermis is damaged, skin is red and swollen.
First-Degree Burn: Example Sunburn.
Second-Degree Burn Epidermis and upper dermis are damaged skin is red with blisters.
Second-Degree Burn: Example Hand on a stove.
Third-Degree Burn Destroys entire skin layer, burn is grey-white or black.
Third-Degree Burn: Example Fire/explosion.
Problems with Burns Loss of fluids, infection.
Rule of Nines Body is divided into 11 areas. Each area represents about 9% total of body surface area.
Burns Considered Critical If: (3) 1. Over 25% of body has second-degree burns. 2. Over 10% of body has third-degree burns. 3. Third-degree burns on face, hands, or feet.
Cancer (Carcinoma) Abnormal cell mass.
Benign Does not spread (encapsulated).
Malignant Metastasized (moves) to other parts of the body.
Types of Cancer (3) Basal cell, Squamous, Malignant melanoma.
Basal Cell Carcinoma Most common, least malignant.
Squamous Cell Carcinoma Sun induced. Metastasizes to lymph nodes if not removed. Early removal allows good chance of cure.
Malignant Melanoma Cancer of the melanocytes. Occurs mostly in moles. Most deadly of skin cancers. Metastasizes rapidly to lymph and blood vessels.
ABCD Rule A=Asymmetry. B=Border irregularity. C=Colour. D=Diameter.
Lanugo Hairy cloak of soon to be born infants.
Vernix Caesosa White substance produced by sebaceous glands that protects baby in-utero.
Milia White spots on nose and forehead - disappear after three weeks.
Greying of Hair: Caused By (5) Anxiety, protein deficient diet, chemotherapy, excessive vitamin A, ringworm.
Alopecia Hair thinning/baldness.
Created by: UtauxIkuto