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DSST Env.Sci. Chp 12

vocab. for DSST Env.Sci. from Environmental Science by Karen Arms

biodegradable material a material that can be broken down by living things into simpler chemicals
compost mixture of decomposing vegetable refuse, manure, and plants that is used as fertilizer and soil conditioner
deep-well injection method of hazardous-waste disposal in which wastes are pumped deep into the ground, below the level of the groundwater
hazardous wastes wastes that are toxic or highly corrosive or that explode easily
heavy metals dense metals, such as lead and mercury, that can be toxic to organisms
high-level radioactive waste extremely hazardous radioactive waste from nuclear plants
incinerator plant used for burning solid waste material
landfill waste-disposal facility where wastes are put in the ground and covered each day with a layer of dirt, plastic, or both
leachate water that contains toxic chemicals dissolved from wastes in a landfill
Love Canal location of burial of tons of hazardous chemicals from industrial waste
methane colorless, odorless, flammable gas present in natural gas and formed by the decomposition of plant matter
municipal solid waste trash produced by households and businesses
photodegradable plastic plastic that will decompose into smaller pieces under certain kinds of radiant energy, especially ultraviolet light
recycling reusing discarded material
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) act of U.S. Congress that requires new landfills to be built with safeguards to reduce pollution problems
solid waste any discarded material that is not a liquid or gas
Superfund Act act passed by the U.S. Congress to discourage illegal dumping of hazardous wastes and to pay for the cleanup of abandoned waste sites
surface impoundment a pond with a sealed bottom that serves as a disposal facility in which wastes settle to the bottom
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