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Middle Eastern Agreements

Britain stated its support for an all Jewish State, without ruining the lives of the people already living there Balfour Declaration (1917)
A secret agreement signed by Britain and France splitting up the land of the Ottoman Empire between them;arabs got saudi arabia and yemen;france got syria and lebanon;Great Britain got Iraq, jordan and kuwaiit; Palestine was place under joint control by F Sykes-Picot Agreement (1915)
Britain told the arabs that if they helped defeat the Ottoman Empire they would get vast amounts of land British-Arab Diplomacy (1915)
Palestine to partitioned into two states-one arab one jewish; jerusalem would be designated and international city U.N. Resolution-regarding Palestine (1947)
arabs wanting to return to their homes could; if they didn't want to they would be compensated; if property was damaged they would be compensated;established a concilation commission; jerusalem to be placed under effective U.N. control U.N. Resolution 194 (1948)
withdrawal of Israeli forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict;termination of all claims or states of belligerency to respect the sovereignty of every state in the area;settlement of refugee problem U.N. Resolution 242 (1967)
Anwar Sadat; Menachem Begin;camp david maryland;Israel consented to return the sinai peninsula to egypt; leaders planned a five-year transition to a self-rule on the west bank and gaza strip; never implemented Camp David Accords 1
withdrawal of Israeli forces from the gaza strip and west bank;affirmed a Palestinian right of self-government;Palestinian interim self-goverment authority Oslo Accords
reinstate implementation of namely the Oslo 2 accords;Israel would turn over 13% of land; 10% to Palestine; 3% nature reserves;Palestinian police would go from 36,000 to 30,000 Wye Agreement
agreement never reached;agreement over territory,Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, refugees and the right of return,Israeli security concerns Camp David Accords 2
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