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Unit 6

NFDN 1001

Nursing Theory Describe, Explain, Predict, Prescribe Care;
Purpose of Nursing theories? Make sense of knowledge and how to use it
Who was the first Nursing Theorist? Florence Nightingale
Who developed the Nursing Process? Orlando
What is the Nursing Process? Assessment; Planning; Intervention; Evaluation
What does the Nursing Metaparadigm involve? Client or person; Environment; Nursing care;
Influence of Science and Philosophy Use clinical reasoning; new ways to approach situations
Nursing Theories Practice Based; Needs Based; Interactionist; Systems; Simultaniety
Living Tree Model Roots- Nursing Metaparadigm; Branches- Interactive; Systems; Developmental
Interactive Relationship between nurse and patient; - Peplau; Travelbee; Adam
Systems Open system in sonstant interaction with the environment; nurses are on the outside; Neuman; Roy
Grand Theory insight into abstract phenomena
Middle Range Theory less abstract; teaching and administration
Descriptive Theory Explains and asks why?
Prescriptive Theory Address nursing interventions and consequences
Types of Theory's Organicism; Psychoanyltic and Psychosocial; Contextualism; Dialecticism
Gessel's Theory of Maturation Pattern and growth directed by genes; environment will affect; behavioural norms
Piaget People move thru stages at different rates but same order
Freud Sexuality; Aggressiveness
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