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Vocabulary Words

religious group millet
ruler sultan
similar to colonies mandates
arabs should unite as one goal/mindset because of their history to get rid of specifically Britain pan-arabism
pride in your country, pride in yourself as a people; desire for a homeland nationalism
violent attacks against jews pogroms
dispersed (jews wandering without homeland) diaspora
french-speaking arab christians maronites
a great expanse of shifting sand; sand dune erg
a valley;ravine; or channel that is dry except in the rainy season wadi
a fertile spot in a desert where water is found oasis
a person whose teachings are believed to be inspired by god prophet
a pilgrimage or religious journey to the holy city of mecca haj
birthplace of muhammad mecca
belief in one god monotheism
a follower of islam muslim
an islamic house of worship mosque
calls people to prayer muezzin
a tall slender tower attached to a mosque minaret
land capable of being cultivated arable/fertile
when a country takes control of another and spreads its ideas and knowledge throughout the area imperialism
land taken over colony
the nation taking over imperialist power/mother country
self-rule;independance sovereignty
cultural/social humanitarian
the mother country would supply/fulfill the needs of the colony paternalism
the mother country believed that its culture was superior to that of the colony ethnocentrism
more loyalty to your tribe than to your nation tribalism
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