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Unit 4

NFDN 1001

Public Law Between individuals and the State
Private Law Between individuals
Statute Law Created by elective bodies
Civil Law Personal Rights
Torts A civil wrong commited against person or property; may be intentional or unintentional
Assault Creates apprehension or fear of harmful contact
Battery Intentional physical contact without consent
Invasion of Privacy Unwanted intrusion into private affairs
False imprisonment Protect individuals right to liberty and basic rights
Negligence (Unintentional) Conduct that does NOT meet standards of practice; characterized by thoughtlessness or inattention
What are nurses most often sued for? Negligence
Criminal Liability Depends on the degree and severity that act deviated from the standard; ie: Negligence causing death
Personal Directives legal document re: what client wants for care if incapacitated OR appointing a proxy
What does the Nurse do if Doctor disregards proxy or directives? Bring it to Doctors attention; Physicians response is documented; Nursing Supervisor must be notified
Who can give direction regarding insitutional policies and guidelines? Nursing Supervisor
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