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Compton Scatter Photoelectric absoprtion

____ results in the process of image formationg, wherby the xray beam interacts with the anatomic tissue and a portion of the bream strikes the image receport Differential absorption
___ is the loss of some of the energy from the xray beam as it passes thru the tissue being imaged Attenuation
The photoelectric effect involves the removal of an electron. this process of removing an electron from an atom is known as ionization
When the xray photon travels completley thru the part, that activity is called transmission
When the xray photon strikes an atom within the tissue being imaged and loses all of its energy to an inner shell electron of that atom, the photon is said to have been ____ and undergone _____ Absorbed, photelectric interaction
When the xray photon strikes an atom within the tissue being imaged and loses only part of its energy to an outer shell electron of that atom, the photon is said to have been ___ and undergone ____ scattered; compton interation
The interacting between xray photons and tissue that results in the production of a secondary xray photon is the photoelectric effect
the outer shell electron that is ejected during the compton interaction is also known as (2) Secondary electron, compton electron
The xray photon that is scattered as a result of the compton effect CANNOT strike the IR, resulting in useful anatomic info
interactions of low energy xrays with tissue include coherent scattering
unwanted density on the radiograph due to scatter radiation is called fog
the ____ image occurs first on the image receptor and the ____ image occurs following proper image development/prcoessing latent; manifest
At higher kV's ____ photon interactions occur resulting in ____ transimission fewer; increased
as compared to the image at the input phosphor the image at the output phospor of the image intensifiers is brighter and smaller
the digital radiographic system that uses a cassette is CR
Which layer of the intensifying screen is closed to the film? Protective layer
Which layer of the intentsifying screen is the furthest from the film? Base
What is the term specifically used to descrive the emmission of light during and aafter external stimulation? phosphorescense
What is the term specifically used to descrive the emission of light during stimulation only? Fluorescence
How can you describe a noisy image? an image with noticle quantom mottle
What are the physcail imperfections in the emulsion layer of radiographic film called? Sensitivity specks
What kind of radiographic film is designed to respond specifically to xradaition and not to the light emitted from intesnifying screens? Direct exposure film
What influences the speed of radiographic film (2) The amount of silver halide crystals in the emulsion, and the size of the silver halide crystals
What is achieved when the color of light emitted by an intesnifying screen matches the color of light a film respons to? Spectral matching
What is the purposed of intesnity screens? To reduce the amount of exposure to the pt
What is used to assess screen film contact Wire mesh tool
The material used as the CR photostimulable phosphor is barium fluorohalide with europium
The CR latent image consists of electrons trapped in the phosphor layer
The DR detector array is typically located where you would normally find the bucky tray
DR imaging systems briefly store the electrical charge in the TFT
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