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Unit 3

NFDN 1001

Principles of Nursing Code of Ethics Responsibility; Accountability; Advocacy
Deontology Right or Wrong
Utilitarianism What is the most usefulÉ
Bioethics Autonomy; Beneficence; Nonmaleficence; Justice
Autonomy Respect for another persons wishes
Beneficence Do good
Nonmaleficence Do least amount of harm
Justice What is fairÉ
Feminist Ethics Attitude towards women; social justice
Relational Ethics Environment; Embodiment; Mutuality; Engagement
Ethical Dilemma Solving Process -Is it a dilemma; gather info;examine your own beliefs; verbalize the problem; consider possible choices of action; reflecton outcome; evaluate theaction and the outcome
Medical futility Medical treatment is considered non beneficial because there is no hope of recovery or improvement
Purpose of Standards of Practice? Written statement/ guidelines for level of performance expected; public knows what they can expect
Role of the Professional Body? Enforce standards
Professional Standards offer performance guidelines for what? Nursing process; ethics; continuing competence; leadership; research; collaboration
Scope of Practice What can I legally do?; clarifies role, eliminates misconceptions, assists with efficient effective utilization of employee
Top causes of unprofessional conduct? •Failure to maintain currency of professional knowledge and competence •Failure to seek assistance ; personal life; addictions; Poor communication; Failure to address patient concerns; etc
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