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Developing the Image

What is the stage of preocessing that converts the latent image to the manifest image? Developing
At what stage does the process of removing the unexposed and underdeveloped silver halide from the emilsion occur? Fixer
What is the component of the developer solution responsible for the gray areas on the image? Phenidone
While in the develiper solution additional electrons are added to the sensitivity specks
In the developer solution exposed silver halide crystals are reduced to metallic silver
the developer solution requires a(n)___enviorment alkaline
Stopping the development process takes place during Fixing
Boxes of unopended film should be stored : (2) Veritcally and at 50-70 degree F
The concept of routinley using film that has been stored the longest is known as FIFO
Darkrooms should be protected from (3) Chemical exposure, heat, ionizing radiation
Silver recovery is the removal of silver halide from the fixer solution
When the developer chemicals become increasingly inactive due to exposure to air and usage they are said to be exhausted
the process of replacing processing chemicals with fresh chemicals is known as replenishment
Developer tem,p should be kept at approxx 93-95 F
Sensitomentric monitoring of automatic processores should be done daily
a safeligh fog quiality conrol test should be performed quarterly
if films begin to fade adter being in storage for a long time there might be a prob with which stage of the processing cycle washing
what removed excess moisture from the film prior to its entrance into the dryer squeegee roller
which rack system guides the film from one tank to the next crossover rack
which system best achieves agitation continuous mixing and filtration of process solutions recirculation system
if the developed temp is too high the processed image will appear dark
benging or inking of the film will result in a half moon artifact
whihc of the following is a minus density artifact not due to processing chemicals fingerprints
a ____ is connected to the entrance roller assembly and activated the replenishment pumps microswitch
Which of the processing tanks have the greated volume? Developer
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