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Unit 1

NFDN 1001

Approaches to health care? Medical, Behavioural, Socioenvironmental
Medical Medical intervention
Behavioral Lifestyle approach; Lalonde; Victim blaming
Socioenvironmental Relation of health behavior with environment; Ottawa Charter and Epp Report
5 principles of the Canada Health Act Public Administration; Comprehensive; Universality; Accessibility; Portability
Ottawa Charter identified prerequisites for health as peace, shelter, education, food, income, stable ecosystem, sustainable resources, social justice, and equity.
Epp Report Expanded the scope of primary health to include social, economic and environmental factors which is primary health care.
Strategies of the Ottawa Charter? Building healthy public policy Creating supportive environment Strengthening community action Developing personal skills Reorienting health services.
Strategies of Epp Report fostering public participation, strengthening community health services, co-coordinating healthy public policy
Levels of Health Care Service in Canada Promotive; Preventative; Curative; Rehab; Supportive
Promotive enable and increase control over determinants of health
Primary Preventation immunization; exercise; hand washing
Secondary Prevention Cancer screening
Tertiary Prevention Cardiac Rehab clinic
Primary Care First contact; clinic
Secondary Care use of specialized medical care; hospital
Tertiary Care Highly specialized care; heart surgeon
Rehabilitation Physio
Supportive Home-Care; Palliative
Cost Accelerators? Technology; Demographics; Demand
Where does most health care $ go? Hospitals and institutions
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