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Surgical Procedures

Exam 2 Chapter 16 Preop Surgical Procedures

determine the origin and cause of a disorder or the cell type diagnostic
to resolve a health problem by repairing or removing the cause curative
performed to relieve symptoms of a disease process but does not cure palliative
to alter or enhance personal appearance cosmetic
planned for correction of a nonacute problem elective
requires prompt intervention; maybe life threatening if treatment is delayed more than 24-48 hrs urgent
requires immediate intervention because of life threatening consequences emergent
procedure without significant risk; often done with local anesthesia minor
procedure of greater risk; usually longer and more extensive than a minor procedure major
breast biopsy, explatory laparotmy, arthoscopy diagnostic
cholecystectomy, appendectomy, hysterectomy curative
TKA, finger implantation restorative
colostomy, nerve root resection, tumor debulking, ileostomy palliative
lipsuction, revision of scars, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty cosmetic
cataract removal, hernia repair, hemorrhoidectomy, total joint replacement elective
intestinal obstruction, bladder obstruction, kidney or ureteral stones, bone fracture, eye injury, acute cholestitis urgent
gunshot wound, sever bleeding, abdonminal aortic aneursym, compound fracture, appendectomy emergent
insicision and drainage, implantation of a venous access device, muscle biopsy minor
mitral valve replacement, pancreas transplant, lymph node dissection major
only the most overtly affected areas involved in the surgery simple
simple/partial masectomy simply
extensive surgery beyond the area obviously involved; is directed at finding a root cause radical
radical prostatecomty, radical hysterectomy radical
surgery performed in a body cavity or body area through one or more endoscopes; can correct problems, remove organs, take tissue for biopsy, re-route blood vessels and drainage systems; is a fast growing and ever changing type of surgery minimally invasive surgery
arthoscopy, tubal ligation, hysterectomy, lung lobectomy, coronary artery bypass, cholecysectomy minimally invasive surgery
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