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Allied Health


What are the essential nutrients? Water, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, minerals, vitmanins, fiber
What is water? Essential nutrient, 55-65% body weight, body loses water through evaporation, excretion, and respiration, the only nutrient we sense a need for, thirsty.
What are carbohydrates? excess carbs are converted into fat, complex carbohydrates containing starch and cellulose are healthier-they supply roughage-the indigestible part of food.
What are monosaccharides? Simple sugar, glucose.
What are disaccharides? Double sugar
What is a calorie? Unit that measures the amount of energy contained within chemical bonds of different foods.
What are lipids? Source of energy-twice as many calories as the same amount of carbohydrate or protein, stored dat provides energy during emergencies, body fat cushions internal organs, insulates against the cold, fat carries fat-soluble vitamins.
What is HDL( High density liporpotein)? "Good", removes excess cholesterol from cells and carries it back to the liver to be broken down/eliminated
What is LDL (Low density lipoprotein? Carry fat to cells
What is cholesterol? Fat in animal products like meat, cheese, eggs, excess cholesterol in the body will start to build up inside the artery walls causing atherosclerosis, recommened blood level under 200mg/d1
What is protein? Enzymes, soucre of energy, muscles, hormones, clotting, antibodies all depend on protein, eating too much protein will put stress on the kidney and liver.
What are amino acids? The building blocks of protein
What are complete proteins? Proteins that contain all amino acids- milk, eggs, meat.
What are incomplete proteins? Proteins that do not contain all amino acids-vegetables, beans, wheat
What is a mineral? From inorgain compounds in food, many necessary for human growth and maintenance ( sodium , potassium, calcium, iron
What are trace elemetns? Present in very smalll amounts, toxic levles are close to healthy levels
What is fluorine? In drinking water, needed for bones and teeth
What is iodine? In shellfish and iodized salt, needed to make thyroid hormone.
What is iron? In liver, lean meats, needed to make hemoglobin
What are vitamins? Biologically active organic compound, function as coenzyme for normal health and growth, some behave like hormones.
What are the fat-soluble vitamins? Vitamin A, D, E, K
What is fiber? Found only in plant food like whole-grain crerals, beans and peas, pther vegetables and fruit., eating a varitey of plant food is important for bowel function, lower risk of heart disease and cancers.
What is RDA ( recommended dietary allowances)? Chart that kists recommeneded intake of vitamins and minerals
What is basal metabolic rate? Amount of energy needed to maintain life when the body is at rest.
What is metabolism? Use of food nutrients by the body to produce energy.
What are the guidelines for a healthy diet? Eat a variey of foods, maintain desirable weight, avoid too much fat, saturated fat(ANIMAL FAT) and cholesterol, eat foods with adequate starh and fiber, avoid too mucch suagr, avoid too much sodium , dont drink alcohol.
Who regulates food? FDA requires nutrition labeling for most foods, inculdes informations on calories, nutrient contents, include recommended daily allowances of nutriets.
What is a regular diet? Balanced diet- no restriction
What is a low-cholesterol diet? For patients with atheroclerosis and heart disease, restrict foods high in saturated fats such as beef, liver, pork, lamb, egg yolk, cream cheese, shellfish and whole milk.
What is a soduim-restricted diet? Reduced salt intake for patients with cardivascular disease, kidney disease and edema, no added salt and avoid smoked or processed foods, pickles, olives, and some processed cheese.
What is a bland diet? Easily digested foos that dont irritate digestive tract, avoid fried food, spices, raw fruits and vegs, coffee, tea, alcoholic and carbonated beverages, for patients with ulcers or GI disease.
What is a liquid-diet? Clea or full liquids, used after surgery or heart attack, for patients with digestive problems or before x-rays of digestive tract.
What is obesity? Most common nutritonal disease, weighs 15% more than optimal body weight for gender, height, and bone structure, obesity affetcs physical and mental health, causes-taking in more calories than are burned
What is anorexia nervosa? Serious mental disorder,mostly in tennage females, intense fear of becoming obese that does not go away with weight loss, distorted body image(feels fat even when emaciated), refusal to maintain minimal normal weight, no known physical illness, amenorrhea
What is bulimia? Episodic binge eating followed by PURGING(vomiting and laxative abuse), usually women, older than teens.
What is malnutrition? State of poor nutriton due to diet or illness
Whatis flourine deficiency? Tooth decay
What is iodine defiecncy? Goiter (enlarged thyroid)
What is iron difiency? Anemia
Created by: Netta16