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Fungus and Plants

Study hard!

What do most fungi do? Decompose, or break down dead things.
When does a mushroom appear? When two fungi's hyphae fuse together, or when they reproduce.
In what direction do hyphae grow? Long, never wide.
Why can't fungi go through meiosis? They are haploid.
In order to reproduce, two fungi's hyphae will fuse, making a diploid mushroom, which will then go through what to create variation and spores? Meiosis
Why do mushrooms grow above ground? So that the spores that were created when the mushroom went through meiosis will be moved by the wind or some other force, and that will enable it to grow without competing for space with the parents.
What are hyphae?Bec Long filaments that aid in reproduction.
What is mycelium? The collection of hyphae(underground)
What are the two purposes of hyphae? 1.)Secrete exoenzymes that will decompose things 2.)Will absorb the nutrients create when it broke the things down (it's able to absorb because it is hydrolytic)
What are the steps in which fungi reproduce? 1.)Two fungi's hyphae fuse together 2.)Mushroom grows and goes through meiosis like crazy to grow spores 3.)Spores that were created will then be blown to a different place by wind or some other force and then grow up there(so it won't have to compete)
What is the purpose of a spore vs. the purpose of a gamete? Spore: to grow up Gamete: to fertilize
What do fungi create when they meet? Pheramones
What are pheramones? Chemical Signals
What are pheramones used for? To mark territory or to invoke a sexual response
How do pheramones help fungi? They enable fungi to distinguish their own hyphae vs. another fungi's hyphae.
What is the only part of the fungi that is diploid? The mushroom.
What grows when the hyphae of a fungus fuses with plant/tree roots? Mycorrhizae forms, or super root.
What do mycorrhizae do? If a plant doesn't contain mycorrhizae, it will grow at about 10% of the rate of a plant that does contain mycorrhizae.
What are the benefits of mycorrhizae for plants and fungi? Plants: they get decomposed minerals from the fungus Fungus: they get sugar.
What is the sex organ of a plant? Flower
What is the female part of a flower? Carpel(pistol)
What is the male part of a flower? Anther
What are the steps in flower reproduction? 1.)Pollen sticks to the stigma 2.)Pollen creates a tunnel down to the ovary inside of the pistol 3.)Sperm travels down the tunnel
What do the parts of the flower turn into? Egg-embryo ovule-seed ovary-fruit
What will beans/seeds use for energy/food when there isn't any sunlight for an extended period of time? The food source inside of the seed.
Created by: jessisinajar