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Catullus Vocab 5

22, 23, 25

cognosco cognoscere, cognovi, cognitus- become acquainted with
dicax dicacis- witty/sarcastic
urbanus -a, -um- of the city/urbane/witty
facio facere, feci, factus- do/make
liber libri, m, book
lego legere, legi, lectus- read
video videre, vidi, visus- see
muto mutare, mutavi, mutatus- change
rus ruris, n, country/farm
scribo scribere, scripsi, scriptus- write
gaudeo gaudere, gavisus sum- be glad/rejoice
miror mirari, miratus sum- be amazed
fallo fallere, fefelli, falsus- deceive
quisquam any, anyone
attango attangere, attetigi, attactus- touch/strike
ignis ignis, m, fire
verum veri, n, truth
noverca novercae, f, stepmother
comedo comedonis, m, glutton
coniunx coniugis, m/f, spouse
timeo timere, timui- fear
incendium incendii, n, fire
gravis -is, -e- heavy
factum facti, n, deed
dolus doli, m, trick
casus casus, m, fall
corpus corporis, n, body
cornu cornus, n, horn
magis more, to a greater extent
aridus -a, -um- dry
sol solis, m, sun
frigus frigoris, n, cold
quare in what way, how
absum abesse, abfui, abfuturus- be away/absent
manus manus, f, hand
tero terere, trivi, tritus- rub/wear away
umquam ever/at any time
sperno spernere, sprevi, spretus- scorn/spurn
puto putare, putavi, putatus- think
soleo solere, solitus sum- to be accustomed
desino desinere, desivi, desitus- stop/desist
mollis -is, -e- soft
rapax rapacis- grasping, rapacious
procella procellae, f, storm/gale
ostendo ostendere, ostendi, ostensus- show/reveal
remitto remittere, remisi, remissus- send back
tamquam as, just as
navis navis, f, ship
mare maris, f, sea
Created by: kait93