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modula #2 quiz

laws and regulations.

Permits phsicians to prescribe controlled substances in schedules CIII,CIV, or CV to a person who is suffering from opium addiction. 2000drug addiction treatment act
2000 drug addiction treatment, drugs must be approved by_________ DEA (drug enforcement administration
the purpose of the 2000 drug addiction treatment is___________ maintaince and detoxication.
2 gov. agencies which are important for pharmacy practices are food and drug adm.(FDA) Drug enforcement admin.(DEA
in what year the drug listed act was implamented under food and drug act. 1972
in 1972 the drug listing act was implaminted under_________ food & drug act.
what is the oldest consumer protection agency in the u.s. federal goo. food and drug adm.(1862)
verified what constituted a prescription drug VS over the counter drugs. 1951 Durham Humphery amendment
what year was the amendment of Durham Humphery 1951
it is a revolutionary act to ensure the safty and effectiveness of drugs in the US market. Harrison Narcotics amendment 1962
what year was the harrison narcatic amendment 1962
drug act was passed to target medication for rare diseases 1983 Orphan drug act
United State pharmacopria resbonsibilities are 1-documant on product quality standards 2-document health care information on medications over the counter 3-purity,quality and strength ore met
to cause harm or injury to a person intentionally or because of negligence Tort
an action taken without the forethought that should have been taken by a reasonable person of similar competency Negligence
the international misuse of a drug intended for medical purposes. -recreational use of a prescription or scheduled drug -channeling of the prescrition drug supply away from legal didtributor and to the illegal market Drug Diversion
any drug or other substances that is schedulled I through V controlled substances
state board that regulated the practice of pharmacy within the state Board of pharmacy
the mishandling of medication that can lead to contamination impurity falsification of contents Adulteration
Adulteration can cause ilness or injury
is a change in the original act or law Amendment
HIPPA also goes by________ PHI (protected health info.)
act was established by Us congress addresses the quality and care for elderly OBRA
required manu
Act was enacted in paralled with international treaty to curb athe use of opium Harrison Narcatic act
drugs that dull the senses, relieves pain ,induces sleep Narcotic
drug derived from barvituric acid acts as a central nervous system depressant barbiturates
Created by: sfatehalla