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E. Chinese BLCU 1

Elementary Chinese Vocabulary (BLCU) Book 01

le (a modal particle)
怎么 zěnme (why)
jiē (to receive a phone call/answer the phone)
dài (to take
后天 hòutiān (the day after tomorrow)
前天 qiántiān (the day before yesteday)
建议 jiànyì (to propose/suggest)
历史 lìshǐ (history)
博物馆 bówùguǎn (museum)
参观 cānguān (to visit)
同意 tóngyì (to agree/to consent)
商量 shāngliang (to consult/to discuss/to talk over)
对面 duìmiàn (opposite)
饭馆 fànguǎnr (restaurant)
出去 chūqu (to go out/to get out/to exit)
回来 huílai (to return to the original place)
以后 yǐhòu (after/afterwards/later)
转告 zhuǎngào (to pass on a message)
huí (to call back/to ring back)
关机 guān jī (to turn off a cell phone/computer)
guān (to turn off/switch off)
发现 fāxiàn (to find out/to discover)
机场 jīchǎng (airport)
jiē (to meet/to welcome)
请假 qǐng jià (to ask for leave)
一直 yìzhí (all the time)
占线 zhànxiàn (the line is busy)
guò (to spend<time>)
过一会儿 guò yíhuìr (after a while)
zài (again/one more time)
小卖部 xiǎomàibù (small shop)
听见 tīngjiàn (to hear)
闹钟 nàozhōng (alarm clock)
xiǎng (to make a sound/to ring)
cái (indicating something happened later than expected)
xǐng (to wake up / to be awake)
shuā (to brush)
yá (tooth)
liǎn (face)
来得及 láidejí (there’s still time)
怪不得 guàibude (no wonder/that’s why)
总(是) zǒng(shì) (always)
酒吧 jiǔbā (bar)
yè (night/evening)
饿 è (hungry)
bǎo (full)
hǎo (to emphasize a large number or long time)
因为 yīnwèi (because/as/since)
所以 suǒyǐ (so/therefore/as a result)
热情 rèqíng (warm-hearted/enthusiastic/passionate)
聪明 cōngming (clever/intelligent)
头疼 tóuténg (headache)
dēng (lamp)
只好 zhǐhǎo (to have to/to have no choice but)
chǎo (noisy)
需要 xūyào (to need/to require/demand)
互相 hùxiāng (mutually/each other)
适应 shìyìng (to get used to/to adapt to)
希望 xīwàng (to hope/to wish)
duàn (period/section/segment)
jiào (to shout/to call)
gāng (only a short while ago/ just)
wán (to be finished / to be over)
特别 tèbié (specially)
录音 lùyīn (sound recording / to record)
句子 jùzi (sentence)
清楚 qīngchu (clear / distinct / explicit)
dǒng (to understand / to know)
分之 fēn zhī (expressing fractions and percentages)
阅读 yuèdú (to read / reading)
tí (exercise problem / exam item)
可能 kěnéng (possible / likely)
cuò (wrong / mistaken / erroneous)
成绩 chéngjì (achievement / score / mark)
好好儿 hǎohāor (all out / to one’s heart’s content)
mēn (stuffy / stifling)
空调 kōngtiáo (air-conditioner)
lā (to pull / to draw / to drag)
窗帘 chuānglián (curtain)
窗户 chuānghu (window)
tíng (to stop / halt)
外面 wàimiàn (outside)
miàn (used as a suffix to form a noun of locality)
凉快 liángkuai (nice and cool / pleasantly cool)
kùn (sleepy / tired)
准备 zhǔnbèi (to prepare / to get ready)
遇到 yùdào (to come across / to run into)
卡拉OK kǎlā OK (karaoke)
打扮 dǎban (to dress up / to make up)
裙子 qúnzi (skirt)
tā (it)
漂亮 piàoliang (handsome / beautiful / pretty)
shài (to expose to the sun)
风景 fēngjǐng (scenery / landscape / sight)
měi (beautiful / pretty)
可不是 kě bú shì (used to express agreement / right)
从来 cónglái (<used only in the negative> at all times / all along)
guo (used after a verb indicating the completion of an action)
海滩 hǎitān (sea beach)
地道 dìdao (authentic / genuine)
火锅 huǒguō (chafing dish)
新鲜 xīnxiān (fresh)
哈密瓜 hāmìguā (hami melon)
shǔ (to count)
羡慕 xiànmù (to admire / to envy)
通知 tōngzhī (to notify / to inform)
海南 Hǎinán (Hainan Province)
四川 Sìchuān (Sichuan Province)
新疆 Xīnjiāng (Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region)
天津 Tiānjīn (Tianjin City)
Created by: sharrisson13
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