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Succession&Catastrophic Events 6th Six Weeks EXAM

Gravity erosion by mass movement and plant growth
Wind Sediments blown away by wind eventually are deposed
Wave a wave is a power behind a tsunami
Running Water The water flows into small cracks and hollow cracks
Glaciers large moving masses of ice and snow that change large areas .
Hurricane Severe tropical storm that forms over the sea in atlantic and pacific oceans
Tornado clouds form over a warm sea and a low pressure area forms .
Flood Result form rapid upward movement of warm, moist air
Earthquake Violent, whirling winds that move counter clockwise
Volcano Occurs along colliding or fracture plate boundaries.
Drought a mountain that forms where magma, ash or gasses reaches the Earth’s surface
tsunami a prolonged period of absountley precipitation
Forest Fire Go threw alot of stages first second and third they go threw three stages.
Created by: Nwise