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Civil War Test Thurs

Civil War Major battle in 1863
Abraham Lincoln President of the U.S during the Civil War.
Ulysses S. Grant General and Commander of the Union army.
Jefferson Davis Elected President of the Confederate States of America
Robert E. Lee General and Commander of the Confederate Army
Mary Ann Bickerdyke Nicknamed Mother she was a nurse during the Civil War
Harriet Tubman Helped fellow escaped slaves make it to the free states
Eli Whitney Invented the Cotton Gin
Jennie Hodgers A woman from Illinois who dressed as a man and joined the Union Army
Owen Lovejoy An Illinois journalist who wrote and printed articles that supported the end of slavery
Gettysburg Address A speech that Lincoln gave in the spot a major battle took place
Emancipation Proclamation A document of no slavery
Abolitionist A person against slavery and tries to abolish it
Election Where people vote for other people to be or do something
Regiment A group of soldiers who train and serve together
Reconstruction When the South rejoined the Union
Underground RR An underground tunnel that the slaves used to escape
Economy The way that people chose to use resources to produce goods and services
Secede To separate from the country and form a new nation
Created by: brenana02