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Spell/Vocab REVIEW

alliteration a technique that uses the same beginning sound of a word
simile a technique that compares two unlike things using the words like or as
metaphor a technique that compares two unlike things without using the words like or as
personification a technique that the author uses to give human like qualities to it
hyperbole an extreme exaggeration or stretching of the truth
oxbow lake a meander that has been cut off from the main river and forms a u-shape lake
meander the ā€œsā€ shape curves in a river
delta a triangle shaped landform found at the mouth of the river where it meets the ocean
flood plain formed where the river overflows its channel and DEPOSITS sediment
canyon deep cuts through mountains that are formed by water erosion
valleys are formed from erosion and are found between mountains
glaciers large bodies of ice that flow over land that are formed by deposition
tributary a smaller river that flows into a larger river (looks like veins)
estuary area found at the mouth of a river where the water is brackish
brackish a term used to describe partly salty and partly fresh water
sand dune a landform which is created from wind deposition
waterfalls are formed by water erosion and water flows through the rock and over the cliff
anemomter an instrument that measures wind SPEED
barometer used by meteorologists to measure air pressure
graduated cylinder used to measure volume of liquids by scientists
condensation when a gas turns back into a liquid as it cools
convection currents are created by the unequal heating of earths surface and caused wind
contour lines show elevation on a topographic map- if they are close together the slope is steep
evaporation when a liquid turns into gas as it heats up
alluvial fan a landform created by deposition that is found on the mountain by a stream or river that looks similar to a seashell
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