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UE Study Questions

Assortment of study questions on the upper extremity (NOT muscle info)

Describe the Canal of Guyon. osseofibrous tunnel between the hook of the hamate and pisiform(pisohamate ligament); contains: deep ulnar nerve and ulnar artery
What structures are included in the Extensor Expansion? Extensor digiti minimi, extensor indicis, extensor pollicus brevis.
What structures compose the anatomical snuff box? abductor pollicus longus, extensor pollicus brevis, extensor pollicus longus. Floor: Scaphoid Bone, running through: radial artery.
What describes the 1st Carpo-metacarpal joint? highly mobile saddle joint
Describe the Flexor Retinaculum. attaches from the hook of hamate and pisiform to the trapezium and scaphoid. The carpals which are not attached to the retinaculum form the carpal arch.
Which muscles are included in the Thenar Imminence? Abductor Pollicus Brevis, Flexor Pollicus Brevis, Opponens Pollicus.
Which muscles are included in the hypothenar immenence? abductor digiti minimi, flexor digiti minimi brevis, opponens digiti minimi
Which nerve runs between the FDS and the FDP? Median Nerve
Where does the Anterior Interosseus terminate? Pronator Quadratus
The 4 palmar digital nerves from Median Nerve innervate _____________. palmar skin and dorsal tips of lateral 3-5 digits.
Where does the Ulnar Nerve divide into the superficial and deep branches? proximal to the canal of guyon
Where does Deep Radial Nerve become Posterior Interosseus Nerve? When it emerges between the 2 heads of Supinator?
What are the contents of the Carpal Tunnel? Median Nerve, Tendons of FDS and FDP (in common flexor synovial sheath); Tendon of FPL in own sheath.
What are the signs and symptoms of Median Nerve entrapment in the Carpal Tunnel? tingling, loss of sensation; thenar muscles weak with atrophy, lateral 2 lumbricals don't have full extension present
What are signs and symptoms of Anterior Interosseus nerve syndrome? weakness of FPL, lateral 1/2 FDP and Pronator Quadratus; swelling and edema in forearm (NOT carpal tunnel)
Describe the Volar Plates thick fibrocartilagenous plates from the palmar metacarpal head to palmar base of prox. phalynx. limits hyperextension.
Which 5 joints comprise the elbow complex? humeroulnar joint, humeroradial joint, proximal radioulnar joint, middle radioulnar joint, distal radioulnar joint
what are the main roles of the middle radioulnar joint? (1.) to stabilize the proximal and distal radioulnar joints during pronation and supination. (2.) assist in transmitting and distributin compressive forces from wrist through forearm
What is the TFCC? Triangular Fibro Cartilage Complex. (articulates with the lunate and triquestrum to bind the distal radius and ulna together.
Which muscles originate from the lateral epicondyle? extensor carpi radialis brevis, extensor digitorum, extensor digiti minimi, extensor carpi ulnaris, supinator
At the elbow, the radial nerve runs anterior to the lateral epicondyle where it divides into two branches. What are these branches and what do they innervate? Deep Radial: motor; extensor carpi radialis brevis, supinator; Superfical Radial: sensory; dorsal thumb and lateral 2.5 fingers, as well as small strip of skin on palmar surface of thumb.
Which muscle separates the flexors from the extensors? Brachioradialis
Where does the Median Nerve run in relation to the Brachial Artery? Medial to it.
What is the Sublimis Bridge? a fibrotendinous arcade representing the origin of flexor digitorum superficialis. The Median Nerve runs deep to it.
Describe the path of the Median Nerve as it exits the cubital fossa. It exits by passing between the two heads of pronator teres where it gives off the anterior interosseus branch of median nerve.
Where does the Median Nerve give off the Palmar Cutaneous branch? Just proximal to the flexor retinaculum. The palmar cutaneous branch runs superficial to the flexor retinaculum.
What muscles originate at the coronoid process? Flexor Digitorum Superficialis and Pronator Teres.
A possible labral tear could result from a pull on which tendon? Biceps Brachii
Musculocutaneous Nerve terminates as ____________. Lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve.
What forms the Quadrangular Space? What runs through it? Medial Humerus (lat), long head of Triceps (med), Teres Major (Inf.) and Teres Minor (Sup). Running through: Axillary Nerve and Posterior Humeral Circumflex Artery.
Talk to me about the "Radial Groove" divides the lateral and medial heads of the Triceps; houses radial nerve and profunda brachii artery
The inferior redundant fold of the fibrous capsule and synovium in the shoulder serves what purpose? prevents tearing of the capsule with abduction
An unstable humeral head is driven superiorly into the coracoacromial arch. What could be damaged? impingement of the supraspinatus tendon and the long head of the biceps, as well as the subacromial bursa.
What provides the only attachment of the upper limb to the axial skeleton? the sternoclavicular joint
Hypertrophy of the scalene muscles can be really bad. Why? the roots of the brachial plexus emerge between the anterior and middle scalenes, so hypertrophy can cause them to be compressed.
What vein is a common site for intravenous injections and drawing blood? Medial Cubital Vein.
What important structure runs through the clavipectoral triangle? Cephalic Vein
What are the Cord contributions of the Levator Scapulae? C3-5
What runs between the upper and lower subscapular nerves? Thoracodorsal nerve.
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