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Chapter 10

Why is sunlight necessary? For the growth and health of plants
How does sunlight benefit our body? It helps our bodies make Vitamin D, which helps our bones.
What is the invisible part of sunlight? Ultraviolet (UV) light.
What is a visible sign of UV light? Suntan or sunburn
What type of light is used to help treat skin diseases, bone diseases and potentially types of cancers? UV light
What is the first thing that God created, according to Genesis 1:3? Light
What is a form of wave energy? Light
What light waves carry. energy
What type of wave moves through both matter and empty space? light waves
Sound waves move faster than light. False
What is a wave that can move through matter and space? electromagnetic wave
What type of wave is light? electromagnetic wave
What kind of wave can move only through matter? Magnetic wave
This type of wave moves through matter. Sound
What is a sound waves that move in the same direction as the matter is vibrating? longitudinal wave
What are light waves that move perpendicular to the way that matter moves? transverse wave
What is the crest of a wave? The highest point.
What is the trough of a wave? The lowest point.
What is the distance between two crests of two troughs? wavelength
What is the height of a wave from the rest position to the crest? amplitude
What is the number of waves that pass a certain point in one second? frequency
What are waves with shorter wavelengths? High frequency
What are waves with longer wavelengths? Low frequency
A wave's frequency is the same as its speed. False
The distance that one wave travels in ONE second is referred to as what? Speed
What is the calculation of speed? Speed = Wavelength x Frequency
What gives an object color? Light
Who proved that light is made up of many different colors? Sir Isaac Newton
What are the different colors of visible light called? visible spectrum
What always travels in a straight line? Light
What is matter through which a wave travels called? medium
What can slow down light? Glass or water
What is it called when light slows, bends and changes direction? Refraction
These have a different wavelengths. Each color of light
What is a rainbow a good example of? Refraction
Name the colors of a rainbow in order of their wavelength (longest to shortest). Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet
What type of objects let all light pass through them? Transparent
Translucent objects let all light pass through them. False
What happens when light bounces off an object? Reflection
These type of objects do not let any light pass through them. Opaque
Type of colors that absorb more of the light energy. Darker
What is a Christian's light a reflection of? Jesus Christ.
Any surface that can reflect light. Mirror
A mirror that curves outward. Convex
When light goes into something. Absorbs
A piece of glass or a transparent object. Lens
A mirror that curves inward. Concave
Three colors that can be used to make all other colors. Primary
What is it called when light hits and turns into a color. Reflect
An invisible electromagnetic wave used by radar. Microwave
A measurement that shows the amount of energy in a wave. Amplitude
What is the bouncing of a wave called? Reflection
An opaque substance. Pigments
An invisible electromagnetic wave that carries energy. Radio waves
A device that emits light (electromagnetic radiation). Laser
Created by: Jenstack