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Ch. 14 Science

Clay 7-Review

villi fingerlike projections on the lining of the small intestine
pepsin enzyme that begins the digestion of proteins
absorption movement of food from the digestive system into the bloodstream
enzyme protein that control chemical activity
chyme thick, liquid form of food as it leaves the stomach
peristalsis wavelike movement that moves through the digestive system
mechanical digestion *breaking down food into smaller pieces *takes place in the stomach and mouth
chemical digestion large food molecules are broken down into smaller food molecules by enzymes in the mouth
enamel hard outer coating of the teeth
Gastric juice *juice contained in the stomach *Contains mucus, pepsin, & hydrochloloric acid
malnutrition poor nutrition caused by an unbalanced diet
Anemia disease cause by not having enough iron in the blood
fats *energy storage nutrients *digested in the small intestine
gallbladder *stores bile
esophagus tube that connects the mouth to the stomach
amino acids the building blocks of proteins
Vitamin D a vitamin that is made in the body
lipase an enzyme that digests fats and oils in the body
Created by: Ms.T