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DN EcceVerbs 1-14


interpellat he interrupts
devertebat he was turning aside
agis you drive
haerent they stick
cessabamus we were idle
extrahunt they drag out
gaudeo I am glad
movebas you were moving
volebatis you all wanted
erat he was
sumus we are
quiescebat he was resting
iubebatis you all were ordering
clamamus we shout
ducis you lead
doces you teach
rogabant they were asking
latrat he barks
inveniebamus we were finding
veniunt they come
vident they see
spectabas you were watching
currunt they run
curant they care for
paratis you all prepare
estis you all are
eras you were
potest he is able
effugiunt they escape
celabat he was hiding
impediebatis you all were hindering
verberamus we beat
legebat he was reading
scribebant they were writing
habeo I have
tenent they hold
movebas you were moving
habitabamus we were living
ambulant they walk
mittere to send
agit he does,drives,lives,spends,gives
faciebas you were doing
audiunt they hear
dormiebasne? were you sleeping?
paratis you all prepare
ponebas you were putting
petebant they were seeking
solet he is accustomed
iaciebat he was throwing
poterat he was able
sto I stand
temptabamus we were trying
discedunt they depart
descendunt they climb down
manebas you were remaining
nesciebamus we did not know
sciunt they know
lacrimat he cries
induebat he was putting on
excito I arouse
incitabat he was stirring on
salutabatis you all were greeting
vocamus we call
ducimus we lead
tradebam I was handing over
laboras you work
surgunt they get up
portabant they were carrying
reprehendunt they scold
respondebam I was answering
adiuvas you help
purgabamus we were cleaning
terrebatis you all were frightening
timent they are afraid
arripiunt they grab
excipiebamus we were welcoming
adveniebas you were arriving
petebam I was seeking
errabant they were wandering
repellit he drives off
conspiciebas you were catching sight of
vexare to annoy
ridebamus we were laughing
cadunt they fall
gemis you groan
sedebant they were sitting
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