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Science & Deep Sea E

Test: Wednesday, May 2nd 2012

The Challenger First ship to explore the ocean depth. Used derdging to collect samples and to observe
The Glomar Challenger Continued to do the work of the Challenger
JOIDES Resolution Took over in the late 1980's and still continues today
JOIDES stands for what? Joint Oceanographic Institution for Deep Earth Samplings
Submersible Any self-propelled underwater craft
Bathysphere Heavily reinforced spheerical capsule attached to a cable that lower and returns it
Bathyscaph Similar to bathysphere however free moving
Plate Tectonics A theory that the earth's crust is divided into a number of large, plate-like sections that move as distinct masses
Expedition A journey mede for a specific porpuse
Buoyancy The power to rise or float in a fluid
Fissure A narrow opening produced by seperation of parts
Chemosynthesis Photosynthesis for under-water plants- to use chemicals and to produce sugar in an invironment with no sinlight
Fragment A part broken up or detached
Landslide The downward falling of a mass of soil or rock on or from a steep slope
Accumulate To gather or collect gradually
Telepresence The use of technology to operate machinery by remote control or to create the effect of being at a different or imaginary location
Upwelling The process where warm water is drawn away by off shore currents and replaced by cooler water
Ballast Tank A compartment within a boat or otherfloating structure that holds water
Port The left side of a ship
Starboard The right side of a ship
Created by: bridge13