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important organizations related to Palestine/Israel conflict

or the Party of God-is a powerful political and military organization in Lebanon made up of mainly Shia Muslims. It emerged with financial backing from Iran in the early 1980’s and began a struggle to drive Israeli troops from Lebanon. Hezbollah
a centrist and liberal political party in Israel.To establish a party to carry out the disengagement plan-removing Israeli settlement from Palestinian territory and fixing Israel’s borders ith a prospective Palestinian state. Two state solution (outside o Kadima
To strengthen the ties between the US and its ally Israel. As America’s leading pro-Israel lobby, AIPAC works with democrats, republicans and independants to enact public policy that enhances the US-Israel relationship. AIPAC
Is an alliance of nationalist political parties in Israel. In the 2009 elections the National Union consisted of four parties: Moledet, Hatikva, Eretz Yisrael Shelanu, and Tkuma; in particular it supports the settlement of all the land of Israel, advocate National Union
a movement of Israeli citizens that view peace, compromise, and appeasement with the Palestinians and with their Arab neighbors as crucial to the future of their country and to maintaining their security and the nature of the state of Israel. They want tw Peace Now
to generate and promote partnership between Israelis and Americans who support a progressive Israel. Focus on partnership between American Jews and their Israeli counterparts in order to help create a more progressive Israeli and Zionist movement Meretz
to advocate for urgent American diplomatic leadership to achieve a two-state solution and a broader regional, comprehensive peace and, second, to ensure a broad debate on Israel and the Middle East in the national politics and the American Jewish communit J-Street
equal-rights, Palestinian homeland, willing to sacrifice Palestine for equal rights, discriminated against for being different from other Israelis, during wars stayed in Palestine/Israel Arab-Israelis
democratic state, considered a terrorist group, hijacked planes, hate Israelis PLO
1994, oslo accords, governs areas where refugees live, provide social and humanitarian services, now middle class PNA
political party, run for office Fatah Party
zionist political party, want an all jewish state of Israel, use extensive settlement and military force (only when necessary), limited Palestinian rule in occupied territories Israeli labor party
support killing of their own leaders, jewish-Israeli political party, zionists, only one state, secular non-religious, military enforcements, don’t like Palestinians, seperation of church and state Likud Bloc
many religiously observant jews, Israel ruled by religious party, god’s law, don’t believe in Israel, wear traditional clothes, seperate boys and girls, not everyone is as religious as they are, block people from doing things on the shabbath, Israel-Pales Ultra-Orthodox
moved from camps because they could and live somewhere with better resources, lived in refugee camps, famous for throwing rocks/stones Refugees
compromised of representatives from nearly every nation in the world;goals:to avoid further wars, and to provide a place for governments to come together to find peaceful resolutions to conflicts United Nations (U.N.)
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