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Digestive System

What is mechanical digestion? food that is broken down physically by chewing,mixing,churning
What is chyme? thin watery liquid that is produced by digestion in the stomach
What is peristalsis? muscular wave
Mechanical digestion food that is chewed, mixed, and churned up
Chemical digestion chemically breaks down food
Enzymes is a type of protein that( ) the rate of chemical reaction in your body speeds up
Espohaugs is a muscular tube that uses peristains
In the stomach food is( ) by peristains mechanically digested
What is villi an small intestine increase to the surface area to increase absorption
Food does not pass througth the accessory organs which include the tongue, teeth, salivary glands, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas
Large insestine absorbs( )form undigested chyme. water
Peristalis can ( )so chyme can be in the large intestine as long as ( )days slows down/ days
The rectume controls the release of solid waste
Bacteria in your organs of your( )and make vitamins your body needs digestive tract
Enzymes invole the( )of carbohydrayes, proteins, and fats digetion
In your mouth(tongue teeth) saliva changes food into a soft mass
Both mechanical & chemical digested mouth, small intestine, stomach
Neither chemical or mechnaical gall bladder, liver, pancreas, large instestine
Created by: I love Snickers!