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Reproduction systems

Name the cord suspending the testis through inguinal canal spermatic cord
The tiny coiled tubes in the testes where sperm is developed is called seminiferous tubules
The twisted muscular tubes attached to the bladder that produces eacretion to nourish sperm is called seminal vessicles
The male gonads or sex glands is called testes
The pair of pea-size glands just below the prostate that sectets mucus is called bulbourethral glands
This secretes testosterone intersitial cells
The sticky fluid containing sperm and secretions is called semen
The sac suspended between the thighs is called the scrotum
This carries urine and sperm to the outside of the body urethra
Name the gland that lies just below the bladder and srrounds the first part of the urethra prostate
The coiled tube on top of the testis within the scrotum where sperm are temporarily stored is the epididymus
The compartment of the penis containing the urethra is the corpus spongiosum
This covers the tip of the penis and is commonly called the foreskin prepuce
A common surgery performed on male babies to remove the foreskin is called circumcision
A significantly lower than normal ability to reproduce is called infertility
The complete inability to reproduce is called sterility
The operation to cause intentional sterility is called a vasectomy
The decrease in number of sperm produced is called oligospermia
The sexually transmitted infection caused by a virus which symptoms are fluid filled vesicles on and around the penis is known as genital herpes
The failure of the testis to descend into the scrotum that can lead to sterility is called cryptorchidism
An abnormal protusion of an organ through the wall of the cavity that contains it is known as hernia
The sexually transmitted infection caused by spirochete that quickly spreads to the blood stream is called syphilis
An infection from an STI or UTI that travels to the epididymus is called epididynitis
The twisting of the spermatic cord that results in rotation of the testis is called torsion of testis
Inflammation of the testis following a UTI or mumps is called orchitis
The tightness of prepuce so that it cannot be drawn back is known as phimosis
A prostate infection caused by a bacterial infection or bladder-neck obstruction is called prostatitis
The external part of the female reproductive system is known as the vulva
The tubes that conduct eggs from the ovarys to the uterus, also known as fallopian tubes is oviduct
Femal gemetes or eggs are called ova
The pear-shaped organ where the fetus grows and develops is called the uterus
What secretes estrogen and progesterone after the ovum is released corpus luteum
The distal part of the birth canal that is connects the cervix to the outside of the body is the vagina
The female gonads where sex cells are formed is known as the ovaries
This secretes mucus to provide lubrication during intercourse greater vestibluar glands
What are the small fringelike extensions on the oviducts that help sweep the ovum into the tube called fimbrial
Name the lower narrower region of the uterus cervix
Name the wider upper region of the uterus corpus or body
Name the small rounded region above the level of the oviducts in the uerus fundus
The muscular wall of the uterus is called the myometrium
The inner lining of the uterine wall that changes during the menstrual cycle is called endomertium
The deepest recess located behind the cervix is the posterior fornix
The narrow passage between the uterus and the rectum is known as the rectouterine pouch of douglas or cul-de-sac
When people who care for pregnant women refer to the perineum what area are they referring to the area between the vaginal opening and the anus
What two hormones most influence the phase of the menstrual cycle estrogen and progesterone
What term is used to describe the release of the egg from the follicle in the ovary ovulation
What term is used to describe the first time a girl menstruates menarche
What term is used to describe the cessation of menstruation menopause
Name the condition causing nervousness, irritability, and depression preceding the menstrual period Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
This type of cancer is linked to infection by the human papilloma virus cervical cancer
Inflammation of the oviducts (uterine tubes) is called salpingitis
What is the most commonly occuring maligant disease in women breast cancer
The infection caused by the human papilloma virus which has increased in recent years is called genital warts
Infection spread from the reproductive organs to the peritoneum is called the pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
Painful or difficult menstration is called dysmenorrhea
Name common tumors of the uterus fibroids
The absence of menstrual flow that may be due to hormone imbalance, stress, or low body weight is known as amenorrhea
The surgical removal of the uterus is called an hysterectomy
The radiographic study of the breast is known as a mammogram
The microscopic examination of cells obtained from cervical scrapings is called papanicolaous test (pap smear)
The surgical removal of the entire breast and axillary lymph nodes is called modified radical mastectomy
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