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EOG Review1

This is the organelle that controls all functions of the cells and is where genetic information is stored. Nucleus
This is the protist that is a producer and can grow in colonies called Volvox. Algae
These are cylinders of ice that scientists use to study past climate and predict future climate patterns. Ice Cores
This is the chemical that aids in photosynthesis and is a green pigment found in the chloroplasts. Chlorophyll
This is the organelle that makes proteins. Ribosomes
This is the disorder that causes intestinal bleeding and abdominal discomfort due to a parasitic ameoba. Amoebic Dysentary
This is the hair-like structure that allows paramecium to move and eat. Cilia
When 2 liquids create a cloudy solid. Precipitate
This tool is used to measure mass. balance
This tool is used to measure liquid volume. graduated cylinder
This structure regulates nutrients such as water and other nutrients to get in or out of the cell. Cell Membrane
This is the kind of material an engineer would use if he were looking for something malleable. Metal
The nickname for this is "semi-conductor". Metalloid
This organelle is found in Euglena and allows them to be producers. chloroplasts
This is the organelle that produces ATP energy. mitochondria
This organelle digests materials from the animal cells. lysosome
Whip-like structures that allow euglena and some algae to move. flagella
Colonies of green algae. Volvox
This is used to measure ocean floor depth. sonar
The measure of particles such as sediments, animal wastes, and debris, in a body of water. turbidity
Estuaries and Upwelling can be located here. Coastal Areas.
This is the type of algae found in the oceans and produce most of the world's oxygen. phytoplankton
This is the measure of acids and bases in a body of water. pH
This is the risk in which a person can be negatively effected by something. individual susceptibility
This is being in contact with something. exposure
2 or more elements make a ? compound
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