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Immuno 4-30

upper limb, lateral breast drainage axillary
stomach drainage celiac
duodenum, jejunum drainage superior mesenteric
sigmoid colon drainage inferior mesenteric
rectum (lower portion above the pectinate) internal iliac
anal canal below pectinate line superfician inguinal
testes para aortic
scrotum superficial inguinal
thigh (superficial) superficial inguinal
lateral side of dorsum of foot popliteal
NK activity enhanced by what? IL12, IFN beta, interferon alpha
when will NK kill lack of MHC I on target cell nonspecific activation signal on target cell
opsonize bacteria IgG
neutralize viruses IgG
activate complement IgG and IgM
sensitize mast cells IgE
cytotoxic type 2 hypersensitivity IgG
immune complex type 3 hypersensitivity IgG
hyperacute organ rejection antibody b cell mediated
acute and chronic organ rejection T cell mediated
C1, C2, C3, C4 viral neutralization
C3b, IgG opsonization
C3a, C5a Anaphylaxis
C5a neutrophil chemotaxis
ACE inhibitors are contraindicated with what deficiency? C1 esterase inhibitor deficiency
hereditary angioedema C1 esterase inhibitor deficiency
C3 deficiency severe, recurrent pyogenic sinus and respiratory tract infections increased susceptibility to type III hypersensitivity reaction
increased susceptibility to type 3 hypersenstivitiy reaction C3 deficiency
recurrent Neisseria bactermia C3-C8 deficiencies
DAF (GPI anchored enzyme) deficiency complement mediated lysis of RBC PNH
Inhibits viral protein synthesis by degrading viral mRNA (but not host mRNA) ribonuclease of interferons
increased MHC I and II expression and antigen expresentation in all cells gamma interferon
activates NK cells to kill virus intected cells interferons
inhibit viral protein synthesis alpha and beta interferons
CD markers for macrophages CD14 CD40
NK cell CD markers CD16 (binds Fc of IgG) CD56
T cell CD markers CD3 CD28
B cell CD markers CD19, CD20, CD21 (receptor for EBV) CD40
bacteria antigen variation of salmonella 2 flagellar variants
borrelia antigen variation relapsing fever
neisseria gonorrhoaea variation pilus protein
virus variation influenza
parasite antigen variation trypanosomes (programmed rearrangement)
live attenuated vaccine induces what kind of response? cellular
inactivated or killed vaccine -> what kind of response? humoral
live attenuated vaccines Come see small yellow chickens get vaccinated with MMR and polio. small pox, chicken pox, yellow fever mumps, measles, rubella, polio (Sabin)
inactivated/killed vaccines cholera, influenza, hepatitis A, polio (salk), rabies
hypersenstivity pneumonitis (farmer's lung) type 3 hypersensitivity
granulomatosis with polangiitis autoAB c-ANCA
anti smooth muscle autoimmune hepatitis
anti glutamate decarboxylase type I DM
anti U1 RNP mixed connected tissue disorder
Anti Jo1 polymyositis, dermatomyositis
no T cell infections sepsis CMV, EBV, VZV, chornic infection with respiratory/gi viruses candida, PCP
no b cell bacterial infections encapsulated (strep, staph, h. influ, MORAXELLA)
no B cell viral infections enteroviral encephalitis poliovirus (live vaccine contraindicated)
no B cell parasite infection GI giardiasis (no IgA)
produce recurrent bacterial infections no b cell
produce more fungal and viral infectiosn no T cell deficiencies
no complement neisseria (no Myocbacterium avium complex)
can be acquired in 20s - 30s, risk of AI disease, lymphoma, sinopulmonary infections CVID
hyper IgE coarse Faces cold staph Abscesses retained primary Teeth increased IgE dermatologic eczema
disemminated mycobacterial infections and salmonella infection IL12 receptor deficiency decreased Th1 response
partial albinism, peripheral neuropathy, recurrent pyogenic infections by staph and strep chediak higashi syndrome
defect in lysosomal regulator trafficking gene chediak higashi syndrome
alpha interferon Hep B and Hep C kaposi's sarcoma leukemia malignant melaoma
oprelvekin (il-11) thrombocytopeia
sargramostim (GM CSF) recovery of bone marrow
filgrastim (G-CSF) recovery of bone marrow
aldesleukin IL-2
aldesleukin use renal cell carcinoma metastatic melanoma
omalizumab IgE additional line of treatment for severe asthma
rituximab B cell non Hodgkin's lymphoma
trastuzumab HER2 overexpressing breast cancer
adalimumab TNF alpha
adalimumab Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis psoriatic arthritis
infliximab TNF-alpha Crohn's disease rheumatoid arthritis, psrioatic arthritis, ankylosing spodylitis
digoxin immune Fab antidoe for digoxin intoxication
daclizumab IL-2 prevent acute rejection of renal transplant
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