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Driving Words

citation an official request for someone to appear in court
comprehensive complete, covering everything
coverage protection that an insurance policy provides
deductible the amount of money the insured person has to pay so that his or her insurance policy will pay the rest of the amount owed
dip when a road slopes downward and then gets level again
hazard light an emergency light on a vehicle that flashes, lets others know something is wrong with the vehicle
insurance policy a written agreement between a person and their insurance company
intersection a place where two or more roads meet
junction a place where to or more highways meet
merge to join two things together to make one new thing
maintenance taking care of something on a vehicle (replacing oil, fixing a part, getting fuel, cleaning)
moving violation doing something illegal while driving, such as speeding.
pedestrian a person who is walking
mileage the number of miles driven
permit a document that gives a person permission to do something
premium The amount you have to pay for insurance
shoulder the edge of a road
title a legal document that says a person owns a vehicle
U-Turn when driving in one direction and turning around to the opposite direction
yield to slow down or stop when merging with another lane to allow other cars to go by.
Created by: Kmonville