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Chapter 13 Geo

The Regional Concept

What is a region? A device of areal generalization and is an attempt to seperate into recognizable component parts of the diversity and complexity of the earth's surface
What is areal generalization? The basic idea of a place, also known as a form of region
What is a regional concept? A physical and cultural phenomena on the surface of the earth are rationally arranged by complex but comprehensive spatial processes
What is a formal region? areas of essential uniformity throughout in one or a limited combination of physical or cultural features.
What is a functional (nodal) region? A spatial system defined by the interactions and connections that give it a dynamic, organizational bias
What is a perceptual (popular or vernacular) region? When regions have existed only in the perceptions of their inhabitants or the population at large
What are "hierarchically arranged" regions? Although regions vary in scale, type, and degree of generalization, none stands alone as the ultimate key to areal understanding; each only defines a part of spatial reality.
What are single factor regions? The simplest of all regions to define and is based on a single, readily apparent components or characteristics
What are multifactor regions? based on multiple, readily apparent components or characteristics
What are landforms as regions? Exists in a more sharply defined fashion than such transitional physical features such as soil, climate, and vegetation.
What are dynamic regions in weather and climate? Most of the natural environment is dynamic in that vegetations, soils, climates, and boundaries change through time by natural processes but also by actions of humans
What are natural resource regions? regions that have resources that people depend on for existence
What are regions in the earth science tradition based on? Nature and not human actions
What are regions in the culture-environment tradition based on? Human occupation and organization of space
What is the one element of study common to both physical and human geographers? The process; the becoming of an ecosystem, cultural landscape, or the pattern of exchanges in an economic system
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