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Red Meat Products

Name four red meat products. Beef, veal, lamb, mutton, pork
What are the top three beef producing states in the US? Texas, Kansas and Nebraska
The top three harvesting states are? Nebraska, Texas, and Kansas
What is the top swine producing state? Iowa, #2 NC, #3IL
Where is most of the sheep industry located? West of the mississippi
Name three major red meat producing companies in the US. Tyson Foods, Con Agra Foods, Inc; SYSCO
Muslim Processing of red meat products does is different from normal processing in what two ways? no stunning say the name Allah during process
Meat is composed of what three things? fat, lean, bone
What are the two components of myofilaments? actin - thin myosin - thick
The water component of meat contains what vitamins? B-vitamins
What is the dressing percentage of a broiler? 78%
Created by: JDLane87