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Market Classs Grades

Name four whole sale cuts from the cow. Chuck, rib, loin, sirloin, round, flank, plate, shank, brisket
Market classes for beef cows fall into three categories. What are they? Veal - 1 to 3 months (150lbs) Calf - 3 to 12 months (150-300lbs) Beef - 12 + months (300 lbs <)
Quality grade is defined by consumer palatability. What two factors determine palatability? Maturity and marbling of meat
What does BCTRC stand for Boneless Closely Trimmed Retail Cuts
What are the wholesale cuts from a hog? Blade shoulder, Boston shoulder, ham, side, loin
Grade quality in hogs is judged as.... Acceptable or unacceptable
What does PSE mean? Pale, soft and exuditive
The four lean cuts taken from a hog are? Picnic shoulder, Blade shoulder, ham and loin
The retail cuts of meat for sheep are? Loin, leg, rack, shoulder, breast, shank
What is the difference between a break joint and a spool joint? Break joint - lamb Spool joint - 15 months or older
What are the sections of meat selected from broilers? Wing, thigh, drumstick, breast, tenderloin, tender
Eggs are graded on what kind of scale? AA, A, B
Are quality and yield grading of beef carcasses required by law? Yes
What method is used to inspect the interior quality of eggs? Candling
What is the top quality grade for beef and lamb? Prime
Created by: JDLane87