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Livestock Industry

What country has the most cattle? India
What country produces the most beef? United States
What country consumes the most beef? Argentina
What country produces the most milk? Israel
The Cornbelt produces what percent of the United States hogs? 70%
What country produces 50% of the worlds hogs? China
What continent consumes the most pork? Europe
What is the name for a castrated male sheep? Wether
What country has the largest number of sheep and also produces the most meat? China
What country consumes the most lamb? Mongolia
In the United States which states produce the most sheep? Texas, California, and Wyoming
What is a capon? A castrated male chicken
Which states produce the most eggs? Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania
What county in OH is the number 2 egg producing county in the US? Mercer County
Where is the broiler belt? Arkansas east to Florida and up to South Carolina
What country consumes the most chicken? Kuwait
What states produce the most dairy cows? California, Iowa, Texas
The poultry industry is divided up into two sectors. What are they? Broilers and Layers
The number of dairy cattle in the US has increased or decreased over the past 25 years? Decreased
Which state has the highest value of all agriculture products? California
Created by: JDLane87