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NCOMM 1001

Unit 1

What is the importance of communication? Physical Need Social Needs Identity Needs Practical Needs
Where is meaning found? In the person
Principles of Communication? It is transactional – we communicate “with” not “to” Can be intentional and non intentional There is both content and a relational dimension It is irreversible It is unrepeatable
Quantitative Focus on Numbers
Qualititative Nature of the interaction ie/ the uniqueness, irreplaceability, disclosure, interdependence and intrinsic rewards
Development of Self-Concept? Reflected appraisals Social Comparisons Language Culture
Characteristics of Self-Concept? Subjectivity Flexibility Resistance to change
Prerequisites for Self Concept Change? -given by someone viewed as competent -highly personal -reasonable as in light of how we see ourselves -numerous -
Self Fulfilling Prophecy persons expections greatly influence the outcome
Self Imposed Prophecy expectations that influence my behaviour
Prophecy that governs another’s actions expectations of others that influence your actions
Benefits of Behaviour Management -Social Acceptability, position -Achieving relational goals (alter behavior to attain goal)
Perception Process -Selection -Organization -Interpretation -Negotiation
Factors influencing perception? -Physiological -Psychological -Social -Cultural
Self Serving Bias -Blame someone else for failures - Take credit for all success
3 dimensions of Empathy? -Perspective taking -Emotional contagion -Genuine concern
Requirmenents for Empathy? -Open-mindedness -imagination -commitment
Components of Emotions? -Physiological -Cognitive -Verbal and Non-Verbal
Rational-Emotive Approach relationship between thoughts and feelings
Irrational Thinking 1. Fallacy of perfection 2. Fallacy of Approval -Fallacy of Should -Fallacy of Overgeneralization -Fallacy of Helplessness -Fallacy of Causation -Fallacy of Catastrophic Expectations
Debilitative Emotions hinder or prevent effective
Nature of Language -has rules -symbolic -subjective
Influence of Language -naming and identity -credibility and status -affiliation,attraction and interest -power -sexism, racism
Components of "I" -describes the other person’s behaviour -describes your feelings -describes the consequences of the other’s behaviour on you
Intimate distance skin-45cm
Personal Distance 45-1200cm
Social Distance 1.2-3m
Public Distance 3-7.5m+
How much time do we spend listening? 45% of our waking time
Listening responses? -Silent -questioning -paraphrasing -empathize -support -analyze -evaluate -advise
Elements of Listening -hear -attend -understand -remember -respond
Stages of a relationship -Initiate -Experiment -intensify -integrate -bonding -differentiate -circumscribe -stagnate -avoidance -terminate
Johari Window? Amount of self-disclosure
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