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Book 1 Lesson 7

zhi measure word for animals
gou dog
pi measure word for horses
ma horse
tiao measure word for long and thin objects
金魚 jin yu goldfish
mao cat
niao bird
hen very
da big, large
xiao small, little (in size)
xiong fierce, ferocious
可愛 ke ai lovely
zhen really
是啊 shi a yes, yeah
ta it (animal)
動物 dong wu animal
跑來跑去 pao lai pao qu to run around
牠們 ta men they
dou all
熊貓 xiong mao panda
袋鼠 dai shu kangaroo
無尾熊 wu wei xiong koala
蒼蠅 cang ying fly
蚊子 wen zi mosquito
螞蟻 ma yi ant
蟑螂 zhang lang cockroach
蝴蝶 hu die butterfly
蜜蜂 mi feng bee
鴨子 ya zi duck
蝙蝠 bian fu bat
鱷魚 e yu crocodile
老鼠 lao shu rat, mouse
niu cow, ox
老虎 lao hu tiger
兔子 tu zi rabbit, hare
long dragon
she snake, serpent
猴子 hou zi monkey
ji rooster, chicken
zhu pig, boar
寵物 chong wu pet
Created by: Zony11
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