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The process involving the use of techniques to improve the quality of products is more likely related with: genetic engineering
One of the following diseases is the second most common infectious causes of death in developed countries: AIDS
Opportunistic infections are caused by pathogens that penetrate the skin: false
it is characteristic of prokaryotic organisms to lack ER and golgi complex
Viruses are simple particles composed of a nucleic acid and protein true
Regarding size of microorganisms and as general rule, viruses are more likely measured in nanometers
Leeuwenhoek was very important in microbiology because he discovered the microscope true
What is characteristic of a particular hypothesis in science based on solid data
Identify the correct way to write the name of the pathogen causing tuberculosis, when using the first time: Mycobacterium tuberculosis (underlined only)
One of the following invented a meathod to reduce the number of microbes causing fermentation and spoilage: Pasteur
Discovering and recording traits of organisms for placement into taxonomic schemes is more likely related with one of the following: identification
According to evolution, chages favoring survival are lost and less beneficial changes are retained false
Animal and plants belong more likely to one of the following domains: eukarya
The number of protons + neutrons + electrons in an atom is referred to as its atomic mass
If the atomic mass of one atom is 23 and its atomic number is 11, then this atom has: 12 neutrons
Isotopes are 2 or more atoms that differ in its number of protons: false
Only one of these subatomic particles particpates in chemical reactions: electrons
Electrons located in the outermost shell are called valence electrons: true
Elements with a full valence shell are: Inert or inactive
An atom with 5 electrons in the second (outermost) shell has a bonding capacity of 3
Sharing electrons is a characteristic of covalent bond
Atoms share electrons equally in a nonpolar bond true
An atom that loses electrons becomes a cation true
Covalent bonds between two atoms of the same element are called pure elements true
An atom becomes oxidized when: gives up electrons
If you combine salt in water, salt is more likely called: solute
A solution with pH=5 compared to another with pH=3 is: 100 times more basic
one of the following macromolecules is more likely a monosaccharide: glucose, fructose, galactose (b,c,d)
The formation of a-helix and b-pleated sheets (coils and folds) in a protein is related with its: secondary structure
The following sequence (ATGTACTGCATC)is more likely: DNA
One of the following is not part of one of the methods of culturing microorganisms: information
The separation of one single species of bacterial cells from another species of bacterial cells is referred as: isolation
Synthetic and nonsynthetic media is classifed more likely according to its chemical composition
Media that grow several types of microorganisms, but bring up visible differences among those microorganisms are differential
A medium that contains brain-heart extract is more likely to be: complex
medium containing blood, serum, hemoglobin or special growth factors is more likely: enriched
One of these microscopes has the best resolving power; all of them have objective lenses with the same numerical aperture (NA): 5nm wavelength
The resolving power of a compound microscope depends on wavelength of light, numerical aperture of lenses (b,c)
Transmission electron microscopes (TEM) allow seeing the internal parts of microorganisms true
In a negative staining, microoganisms and not the background are stained false
According to the pattern of flagella in prokaryotic cells, peritrichous refers to: flagella dispersed everywhere
organisms with a thick sheath of peptidoglycan are more likely: gram positive bacteria
regarding gram staining, one of the following is important to increase the size of the primary stain: Iodine (mordant)
regarding bacterial endospores, sporulation more likely related with the formation of endospores true
One of the following terms is part of the diagnostic scheme for medical use based on cell wall structure gram positive
Chlamydia trachomatis is an unusual type of bacteria that causes epidemic typhus false
regarding arragement of bacteria, cells that divide in several planes (more than 2) are more likely: staphylococcus
Subspecies of bacteria showing differences in their susceptibility to bacterial viruses are referred as: phage type
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