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Book 1 Lesson 5

chi ruler
剪刀 jian dao scissors
bi pen
shu book
毛筆 mao bi writing brush
書包 shu bao school bag
橡皮 xiang pi eraser
zhe this
什麼 she me what
bu no,not
知道 zhi dao to know
ma a question word
na that
de possesive particle
我的 wo de my, mine
大概 da gai probably
你的 ni de your, yours
不是 bu shi no
小明 xiao ming chinese given name
是的 shi de yes
不客氣 bu ke qi not at all, don't mention it, you're wecome
he and
教室 jiao shi classroom
men door
窗戶 chuang hu window
黑板 hei ban blackboard
黑板擦 hei ban ca blackboard eraser
粉筆 fen bi chalk
桌子 zhuo zi desk
椅子 yi zi chair
鉛筆 qian bi pencil
鉛筆盒 qian bi he pencil case
原子筆 yuan zi bi ball-point pen
膠水 jiao shui glue
彩色筆 cai se bi color pencil
zhi paper
石頭 shi tou stone
bu cloth
書法 shu fa calligraphy
mo ink stick
硯台 yan tai ink stone
誰的 shei de whose
Created by: Zony11
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