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Newborn 7


What are the newborn neonatal ranges for Temp, Pulse & Resp? Temp – 97.7 – 99.5 0 F Pulse – 120 – 160 Resp – 30 - 60
The nurse documents Erythema toxicum On the infant’s trunk And face. What should the nurse do next? Nothing. Also known as Newborn rash
The nurse notices Crepitus over the clavicale What should be done next?. Assess for bilateral Arm movement Immobilize affected arm
The nurse documents A 2-vessel cord. What abnormalities Are associated with this finding? GI, renal And chromosomal abnormalities
Describe the difference Between caput succedaneum And cephalhematoma. Caput – edema over the Presenting part Cephalhematoma – Bleeding, does not cross Suture lines
Describe ear recoil for a term infant Recoils quickly Preterm will not recoil Or very slow
Describe the scarf sign For a preterm infant. Elbow passes center Of chest
Describe plantar creases for A term infant. Creases will cover At least 2/3 of foot
Describe the genitalia of A preterm male infant. Little to no rugae Testes not decended
Describe the expected Outcome of the square window sign For a term infant. Wrist at 0 to 30 degree angle
Why is Vitamin K Given and what are The side effects? To prevent hemorhagic Disease of the Newborn SE: Bleeding or Ecchymoses
What is PKU? When is the test Performed? Tests for 1 of the Inborn errors of Metabolism When – after 24 hrs Old and eating
Why is Erythromycin Ophthalmic Ointment administered? When and how is it given? Prevent gonorrhea eye Infection Give < 1 hr old Clean then gently open eyes, apply Ribbon of med
What site is used to obtain A blood sugar? What is the normal range of Blood glucose after bith? Heel – apply warmer Before sample > 40
The mother of a newborn is dx With Hep B. What medications Will be given to the newborn?. Hepatitis B Vaccine Hep B immune globuin
Describe a Proper Latch during breast Feeding. Lips flanged over areola Nose & chin touching breast Not painful Audible swallowing
What assessments are used for adequate nutrition with breast Feeding? Weight gain 6-10 voids per day Sleeps 2 – 3 hours Between feedings
The nurse observes the pt propping the bottle during feeding. What does the nurse do? This can lead to what infection? Inform pt risky For aspiration, Tooth decay, & Ear infections
How can the mother Increase her milk supply When breast feeding? Feed or pump more often
How much formula Should a baby take Per feeding the First few days of life? 15 to 30 ml Per feeding
List 5 signs of respiratory distress. Changes in color Nasal flaring Tachypnea Grunting Retractions Facial grimicing
What RN interventions are done with an infant in phototherapy? Eye patches Diaper only Temp q 2 hrs Feed q 2-3 hrs Reposition q 2 hrs Skin care
The nurse notices an infant shivering. What should be done? Assess for hypoglycemia Assess for withdrawals: Nicotine, drugs
What are signs of sepsis in an infant? Unstable temp Resp distress Hypoglycemia Lethargy
List 3 complications of a premature infant. Respiratory Circulation Nutrition Thermoregulation Retinopathy
What type of heat loss Occurs when a newly delivered Infant is placed in the crib Before the radiant warmer Is turned on? Conduction Heat loss
What assessments are done Following circumcision? Bleeding Urination Infection
An infant is in Phototherapy. The nurse can no Longer elicit a moro reflex. What should be done next? Notify MD, Reassess bili level May have brain involvement
What does a positive Coombs test indicate? What assessments Are done? Antibodies from mother Have attached to infant’s RBC Watch bilirubin levels
You have assisted delivery of a 10 lb baby. What 2 assessments Should the nurse do after baby Is stable? Clavicles Blood glucose
Complication In preterm infant From receiving High levels of Oxygen. Retinopathy of Prematurity. Results in visual Impairment or blindness
Created by: L.moore