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NURS 572 Pharm 72RA

Pharm - rheumatoid arthritis RA

Three classes of drugs to tx RA NSAIDs---DMARD = disease modifying anti-rheumatic drug-----gluco/cortio/steroids
role of NSAIDs in RA treat symptoms only ---DO NOT SLOW PROGRESSION OF DISEASE
role of DMARDs in RA used to slow progression of RA
role of steroids in RA used to 'bridge' while waiting for DMARDs onset. only used ST and/or for severe sxs until they are releived by DMARD or NSAID
DMARDs take weeks/months for onset to decrease inflamm and dec progression. What is normal admin route this class generally given orally. (mothotrexate does have an inj form)
Name 3 oral DMARDs methotrexate---hydroxychloroquine---sulfasaline---leflunomide
what oral DMARD used first and why methotrexate ---it only takes 3-6 WEEKS for its onset
moethotrexate ADRs - serious but less prevalent than other DMARD ADRs hepatic fibrosis---bone marrow suppression---GI ulceration---pneumonitis
name oral DMARD whose onset is 3-6 MONTHS Hydroxychloroquine ----also used to tx malaria
ADR concern for hydroxychloroquine toxicity--> RETINAL DAMAGE. monitor with ophtalmogic evaulations
what oral DMARD has onset of 1-3 MONTHS sulfasalazine ---but it is least effective in class
unusual ADRs sulfasalazine compliance limiting GI & dermatologic---hepatitis and BMD are rare
DMARDs that are biological agents, MOA suppresses various components of immune system
very important ADR of biological DMARDS by suppressing immune system --> SUSCEPTIBLE TO INFECTION, INCLUDING SEPSIS
are biological DMARDs first line? no, but are useful if oral DMARDs not successful
leflunomide is an oral DMARD, classified as non-biological but it decreases Tcell prolif, so is likely to have this ADR LEST LIKELY infection in pseudo-class --- along with d/n---rash/alopecia
what are the IV admin biological DMARDs infliximab---tocilizumab
what are the SQ injectible 'mab DMARD-biological adalimumab---golimumab---rituximab
what are the SQ injectble 'cept DMARD-biological etanercept---abatacept
what is the 'oddball named' SQ DMARD-biological anakinra
Created by: lorrelaws