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NURS 572 Ch 52 MI

Pharm - MI - STEMI

what are the first 6 drugs classes, in general order, to treat the acute phase (in pt) of MI (ASAP) oxygen first ---morphine ---ASA ---reperfusion therapy (thrombolytics)---anticoagulants---nitrate/nitroglycerin
What are the second 5 drug classes, in general, that are generally given within first 24 hours of in patient MI BB---ACEI---statin, even if no dyslipedimia---anti-aldosterone ---antidysrhythmic
what does morphine do? decreases pain---decreases preload---decreased 02 demand
what does ASA do anti-platelet effect
when should we admin reperfusion tx ASAP - within 12-24 hours from onset of symptoms is generally the cut-off
what drugs do we use for reperfusion tx tPAs = tissue plasmin activators (thrombolytics)----may also use anti-platelet GIIb/IIIa inhibitors
name 3 thrombolytics used for reperfusion tx alteplase---reteplase---tenectaplase
name 3 anti-platelet GpIIb/IIIa drugs that can alternatively be used in reperfusion tx abcixamib---eptiFIBatide---tiroFIBan
what thrombolytic given 2 bolus doses reteplase
what thrombolytic difficut to admin - initial load infusion, then second load ateplase
what thrombolytic admin single bolus tenecteplase
what are examples of anti-coagulants used unfractioned heparin ----LMW heparins = enoxaprin, dalteprein, tinzaprin
Drug regimen upon d/c - all to be given unless contraindicated to PREVENT 2nd MI ASA/anti-platelt---BB---ACEI---statins
why give ACEIs to prevent subsequent MI decreases risk of HF complication
why give statins to prevent subsequent MI statins have a pleimorphic effect, so should be given even if pt has normal lipid levels
what adjunctive tx do we want to optimize upond d/c of MI pt control HTN---control dyslipidemia---control diabetes---diet/exercise/smoking
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