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Herbal Formulas 3

Calm spirit

Long Gu Settles heart, calms mind and calms liver, anchors yang, stabilize and astringes, regenerates tissues.
Mu li Settles ht, calm mind, soften hardness, resolve nodules, absorbs acidity, relieves pain. lung phlegm- heat. *sweating.
Suan Zao Ren Nourish ht clam mind nourish lv bld and yin stop sweating yin def.
Bai Zi ren Nourish the ht moistn bowels and stop sweating
Yaun zhi calm heart, opens ht, orfices resolves starts menstration
zhu sha cinnabar toxic, clears heat, dispel toxins, boils sore throat.
Zhen zhu pearl stops convulsions interal wind liver heat and skin conditions
He huan pi Calms spirit, invigorate blood calm shen pain.
Hu Po calm spirt drain damp painful urination palpitation.
Created by: christina7