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Mr. Ds Science Final

Final Exam for Mr. Ds Genoa MS Science

What is the function of a nucleus? Controls the function of a cell.
What is the function of the nucleolus? Produces Ribosome.
What is the function of a chromosome? Controls growth and reproduction.
What is the function of a ribosome? Produces proteins.
What is the function of the endoplasmic reticulum? Transports proteins throughout the cell.
What is the function of the golgi complex? Packages proteins.
What is the function of the cytoplasm? All living material outside of the nucleus.
What is the function of a the cell membrane? Controls movement into and out of the cell.
What is the function of a lysosome? Removes waste from the cell.
What is the function of a vacuole? Stores waste and other raw materials.
What is the function of the mitochondria? Provides energy to the cell and the location for cellular respiration.
What is the function of a chloroplast? The location of photosynthesis in a plant cell.
What is the function of a cell wall? Provides support and protection to plant cells.
What is the primary shape of a plant cell and how does this compare to an animal cell? Plants are rectangular while animals are circular.
What process can plant cells do that animal cells cannot? Plants can perform photosynthesis while animals cannot.
Which organelle do plants have only a large one vs. animals have many small ones? Vacuole
What provides plants support and protection but is missing in animal cells? a cell wall.
What is a eukaryotic cell? a cell with a nucleus such as plant and animal cells.
What is a prokaryotic cell? cells without nucleus such as bacteria.
What does the cell theory say about where cells come from? Cells come from other cells.
What does the cell theory say is the basic unit of life? the cell
What is the smallest number of cells needed for an organism to be alive? one
Define diffusion The movement of particles from high concentration to low concentration
Define osmosis A special case of diffusion involving water
Define semi-permeable A membrane that allows somethings to go through but stops other things
What are the 3 rules of diffusion concentration must be balanced; movement is from high to low concentration; particles must fit through an opening.
What is the formula for finding the volume of a regular solid? length x width x height.
How do you calculate the density of a material? Density = mass / volume
When two materials are added together how can you tell which will float and which will sink? The higher density material will sink.
What is matter? Matter is anything that contains both mass and volume
What are the three phases of matter solid, liquid, and gas
Define Solid state of matter with a fixed volume and shape.
Define Liquid state of matter with a defined volume but will take the shape of its container.
Define Gas state of matter with no fixed volume or shape.
What do Solid molecules look like? Tightly packed molecules with slight vibrations.
What do Liquid molecules look like? Loosely packed molecules and able to slide over one another.
What do Gas molecules look like? Molecules are far apart with little attraction to each other.
Define Evaporation Phase change from a liquid to a gas.
Define Condensation Phase change from a gas to a liquid.
Define Melting Phase change from a solid to a liquid.
Define Freezing Phase change from a liquid to a solid.
Define Exothermic Releases heat during a phase change.
Define Endothermic Gains heat during a phase change.
Define Heat The vibration of particles
Idenfity a Similarity between heat and temperature They are both vibrations of particles
Idenfity a Difference between heat and temperature Temperature can stop changing while heat is always changing.
define Molecules 2 or more atoms that are together
define Atoms single elements.
What are the 3 state/phase of matter? solid, liquid, and gas
define Density mass divided by volume; example of physical property.
Define Potential Energy stored energy
Define Kinetic Energy energy of motion such as push, pull, twist, turn
How do you locate areas of high and low kinetic energy? the longer something falls the faster it goes leading to higher kinetic energy.
How do you locate areas of high and low potential energy? the higher something is the more potential energy it has.
What is the Law of Conservation of Energy? the total amount of energy in a closed system is conserved
What are the 5 levels of the organization of life? cells -> tissues -> organs -> organ systems -> organisms
Define speed ratio of distance:time.
How do you calculate speed? distance divided by time.
Created by: sdscience6