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Newborn 3

Ch. 21 Study Guide

The correct order for suctioning an infant's airway with the bulb syringe is to suction the _________ first & the _________ second. Why? Mouth; nose (only if needed). The infant might gasp when the nose is suctioned, drawing any secretions that are in the mouth into the airway.
Why is it particularly important that the infant's head be dried promptly? The head makes up a large part of the newborn’s Correct sources heat loss.
What added assessments & interventions should the RN perform if an infant has a subnormal temp? Correct sources heat loss. Skin- to-skin or wrap in warm blankets. Apply hat & shirt. warmer w/ skin probe for very low temps. Have mom feed if time. Teach maintaining the temp , if their actions have contributed.
What type of heat loss can occur by placing the newborn on a cold, unpadded surface? Conduction
What type of heat loss can occur by using a cold stethoscope to listen to breath sounds? conduction
What type of heat loss can occur by placing the infant's crib by a window on a snowy day? radiation
What type of heat loss can occur by partially drying the infant's hari after the bath? evaporation
What type of heat loss can occur by placing the infant's crib near an air condtioner vent? convection
What type of heat loss can occur by forgetting to turn the radiant warmer on before placing the infant under it? conduction
A newborn who is large for gestational age (LGA) has a low blood glucose on the first screening and will need more screenings until level is stable. Explain the reason for feeding the newborn promptly and for repeat screenings. See p.5O6—5O7
Explain to parents why it is important for their infant who is jaundiced to eat frequently and adequately. Will be slower in passing stools(bilirubin, Allows a fetal enzyme to change bilirubin to a form (unconjugated) that can’t be eliminated.. bilirubin may be absorbed in bloodstream and the liver works harder changing it back to a form that can be excreted.
What should the nurse teach new parents about infant burping? Burp about midway through each feeding by holding the baby upright against your shoulder or in a sitting position on your lap with the head and chest supported while you pat the back.
What should the nurse teach new parents about infant urination? The baby will have at least ito 2 wet diapers per day on the first day or two, increasing to at least 6 wet diapers by the fourth day. Notify the physician if there are no wet diapers in 12 hours
What should the nurse teach new parents about infant stools? The first stools are called meconium, followed by transitional stools, followed by milk stools. BF stools are mustard-yellow, soft, and seedy w/ sweet-sour smell. Formula stools are pale yellow - light brown & formed. NOT constipated unless stools hard &
What are the three primary nursing observations after circumcision? Bleeding, urination, and infection
What circumcision problems should parents be taught to report? Notify physician if there is no urinary output within 6 to 8 hours, bleeding more than a few drops with first diaper changes, or displacement of the Plastibell. Apply pressure if any bleeding occurs. Report signs of infection, such as redness, edema, tend
List signs that suggest infection at the umbilical cord. What measures can prevent cord infection? Signs of infection include redness or edema at the cord base and purulent drainage. Keep the cord area dry by folding the diaper below the area. Check with the health care provider regarding tub bathing before the cord has detached and the area is fully h
What is the primary method of identifying the newborn and mother (or other support person)? Matching the imprinted numbers on the adult’s wristband with those on the infant’s bands. The numbers should be matched evey time the infant is reunited with the parent. The nurse should visually match the numbers or have the parent or support person read
What are some examples of suspicious behavior in a visitor that should cause the nurse to think about the possibility of abduction? Visitors who go from one room to another, ask many questions regarding hospital routines and floor plan (exits, etc.), anyone carrying an infant in the hallway or taking a crib where it should not be, carrying a bag or package large enough to hide infant
List five general signs of newborn infection Low temperature; lethargy; (c) poor feeding; periods of apnea without obvious cause; any unexplained change in behavior; drainage from the eyes, cord, or circumcision
Explain why Vitamin K is typically given to newborns. Is it required by state law? Vitamin K, which is necessary for normal blood coagulation, is given because the infant’s gastrointestinal tract is sterile at birth and temporarily lacks the microorganisms that will make this vitamin.
Explain why Erythromycin eye ointmentis typically given to newborns. Is it required by state law? Erythromycin ointment is required by state law to prevent eye infections acquired in the mother’s birth canal, such as gonorrhea and Chiamydia.
Explain why Hepatitis B immunization is typically given to newborns. Is it required by state law? Hepatitis B immunization is given to promote the infant’s manufacture of antibodies against this viral infection of the liver
Do infants of mothers with hepatitis B need any additional medication? Why? positive carriers may transmit to infant at birth. The first dose of a series of three doses of vaccine is given within 12 hours of birth. Also receive hepatitis B immune globulin to provide passive antibody protection.
Created by: L.moore